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-I’m getting on a plane to go to Lauren Winner’s wedding (yay!) — I’ll write my thoughts on God’s omniscience en route.

-I’m done quarreling with David Fitch (yay!) — it seems he’s incorrigible.

OK, open thread in the comments today. Do you have any thoughts on the points above, or is there anything you’d like to see addressed in the blog? (As always, shoot me links and questions through my website, Facebook, or Twitter.)

  • Jeremy Serrano

    Done and Done

  • Ric Shewell

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw a “read more” button underneath another person’s comment. Now comments that are too long to read won’t clog up the page. Also keeps me from posting long ish.

  • Patrick Oden

    Done quarreling as in no longer trying. Or done as in there’s been some kind of fruitful responses?

    After writing a dissertation on this stuff–and pointing to what is the common ground, which is very different ground than most Evangelical or Mainline ecclesiologies–it’s weird to me that there couldn’t be some shared dialogue.

    Yet, in a way, your divisions gives you each credibility with your respective audiences, and maybe, in this way, really help lead the broader church towards shared goals.

  • Michael Toy

    This post is the kind of namby pambywishy washy nonsense I would expect from someone who has been deceived by the Spirit Of This Age. There are only two sides to any argument, God’s or Satan’s, and ths piece stinks of sulfur.

    • Patrick Oden

      Is it Disqus or a curious belief in the divine intent of popups that are the problem?

      • toddh

        I think he just wants to see the Fitch quarrel continue.