NT Wright Wants Your Questions

Rachel Held Evans lands a big fish for her ongoing series:

Like a lot of you, I’ve been hugely impacted by Wright’s work and am so grateful for the ways in which he has helped me love Scripture, and the Christ to whom it points, better. One thing I have always appreciated about him is his commitment to teaching God’s people, not just the intellectual elite, but all who want to know and follow Jesus.

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  • KentonS

    I’m glad you posted this, Tony, because I was looking for a comment section to post questions I *don’t* want to as NT Wright

  • KentonS

    Will dogs go to heaven? Well, you know, new heaven/new earth heaven?

  • KentonS

    I like the few videos I’ve seen where you play guitar and sing. Can I request ZZ Top’s “Jesus Just Left Chicago” for next time?