Reposting from Waaaaay Back

Usually, I take two weeks off of the blog each year. This year, I’ll be taking three. One was Spring Break, one is a family vacation this week, and one will be in November for my honeymoon with Courtney (we’re getting legally married alongside our friends, Rachel and Ratchet).

Instead of lining up guest posters for this week, I’ve lined up an assortment of posts from the archives. These go way back to my first year of blogging, 2004-2005. You can click through the links to read the commentary from when they first went live. You can also leave comments of your own, on the post or the re-post.

If you’re comment gets stuck in the Disqus moderation queue, I’m sorry. I’ll approve them all when I’m back next week.

As always, thanks for reading (and commenting).

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