Who’s Lightin’ It Up? The CANA Initiative

Many years ago, Doug Pagitt invited me to be part of a nascent network. That went through several iterations — Young Leaders Network, the Terra Nova Project — until it settled in as Emergent Village. That network had a good 10-year run, and lots of great things were birthed as a result.

Now Doug and some friends are launching a new network. The CANA Initiative may have some of the DNA of those previous groupings, but this is a new endeavor, with new people and different goals. Based on the idea of a “collective action network,” the CANA Initiative has eleven initial goals:

  1. Articulate a robust emergence/progressive Christian ethos that integrates spiritual vibrancy, theological depth, and holistic mission.
  2. Establish a social and mass media partnership to promote spokespeople for emergence/progressive Christianity
  3. Launch a collaborative branding/messaging strategy for emergence/progressive Christianity
  4. Create a church locator / organization-locator / ministry-locator site/App for activism and engagement
  5. Establish an online/App news aggregator linked to action
  6. Facilitate engagement for college students in emergence/progressive Christianity
  7. Facilitate ongoing training and equipping for a new generation of transformative leaders
  8. Organize regional connectivity via face-to-face gatherings
  9. Develop and strengthen key alliances for action
  10. Focus on “the work of the church” rather than “church work”
  11. Develop funding for CANA key functions

It’s a “network of networks” — in other words, the CANA Initiative hopes to gather those leaders and organizations who are already involved in the emergence of a new, progressive Christianity, and to activate work that can be done together.

I think the CANA Initiative has incredible potential, and I think it taps some of Doug’s best gifts. I think it’ll be Lightin’ It Up for a long time to come…

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  • jaydpotter

    Not sure if you guys looked into the name more or not but in some circles around the globe “Cana Initiatives” are movements for the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis. Just thought you should know what this name might bring up for some people.

    Otherwise I’m looking forward to this network, we’ve been in need of such an entity.

    • Noneya

      Mr. Potter (or should I call you Mr. Cannabis), I think Tony’s comment about “lightin it up” is indicative of their understanding of that use.

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