Made It Legal

Here are just a few of the pics from yesterday, the day in which Rachel & Ratchet and Tony & Courtney got married, Jay Bakker witnessed, and Caroline Yang shot photos. Also, it was 23 degrees.

  • Andy Stinson


  • Kevin Williams

    I think often of the night you welcome our MRE class to dinner with Courtney, Rachel, Ratchet, and others. Glad yesterday was a blessed, although very cold, ceremony. Grace and Peace.

  • Steve Knight


  • Kevin Huddleston

    Blessings to all of you! The evening in downtown Minneapolis with Rachel and Ratchet continues to be one of my most formative experiences.

  • Jesse

    Congratulations to all.

  • RollieB

    Congratulations all! Great photos of some of my very favorite people!

  • Mich Barry

    Great Pics!
    Congratulations to both happy couples.

  • A. W. Thules

    It’s a real pity as Christian’s we blind ourselves to the biblical basis for marriage [Gen 2:24] and force what has essentially become a civic institution representing this into a politic fight.

    For the civic institution, we can call it whatever we like (even marriage) but it will never be biblical marriage, and will always be sinful. I don’t lament that the civic institution has lost its biblical basis, but I do lament that Christian’s values have become so corrupt that they see same-sex unions as legitimate. I suppose it is only a matter of time before we bring back polygamy, or adultery loses its stigma.

    • Itarion

      Would you like for me to tell you why I think infidelity is wrong and hurtful, where homosexual marriage is not?

      It comes down to trust. Relationships, along with love, are based on trust. The same trust exists between gay couples as straight couples, in the same manner that the same love exists. The ways of showing it vary between each couple regardless of orientation, but regardless of who is showing it, and to whom that love and trust is shown, it is noticeable to those who look.

      Adultery, or infidelity, is a violation of that trust. An adulterer/ess looks at the love and trust that they share with their partner, and say – either consciously or not – “Eh, that doesn’t really matter to me right now.” It is very nearly absolute disrespect for the one (or more, as polygamy is simply sharing that love and trust with and among many, and thus not inherently wrong, just not my personal bent) person who you should have the most respect for.

      Finally, your comment really doesn’t belong here, being so rude, dismissive, and condemning of these nice people you really don’t know.

    • RollieB

      Love is not sinful. God is love thus love for another person is Godly. Christian values that degrade and marginalize the other is not of God but your own insecurity. The four people of this post are fantastic people of God. Take your name calling and bronze age thinking someplace else.

      • A. W. Thules

        Agreed, but sexuality is something quite separate from ‘love’. Sexuality happens all the time without love.

        Besides you also mistake the clear identification of sin with marginalization. Homosexuality is sin, just as pride is. We all sin so simply calling a sin a sin should not marginalize anyone since we all fall into that ‘sinners’ category.

        Nevertheless, you cannot truly love someone if you refuse to tell them the truth. Telling someone that they are at risk of perishing because they flagrantly refuse to give up their sin, is an act of love.

        This might not be obvious to someone who cannot discern the difference between ‘sexuality’ and ‘love’, or who conflates the identification of a sin with the marginalization of a sinner.

        • RollieB

          You are excluding people with same-sex attraction from loving one another in the same way opposite-sex attracted people love one another. Everyone is capable of loving another in an equal manner. By that exclusion you are marginalizing a group of people simply because you don’t recognize their love for one another. That is your failure (sin).

          • A. W. Thules

            Actually no – I’ve not focus’d on homosexuals at all. That would be ad hominem, and indeed marginalize. I am quite aware that people of the same sex can ‘love each other’.

            While my best friend was alive, I am certain I loved him, as much as I do my brother, however there was nothing ‘sexual’ about that love. We agree, ‘love’ is not a sin.

            That said, the exaggerated way humanity debases its sexuality IS sin; sex with animals, sex within the same gender, sex outside the sanctity of marriage, sex without love and commitment. Of course, the abasement of sex has little to do with love.

            Biblically, the sexual principle is clear:

            [Gen 2:23] – “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘Woman’ because she was taken out of Man.”


            [Gen 2:24] “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother (not his father and father, or mother and mother) and hold fast to his wife and they shall become ONE FLESH”

            … also so repeated by Paul in [Eph 5:31].

            The sin here (and so the problem) is that people have abandoned the fundamental unit of humanity, “one man and one women as one flesh” for an individualistic, self-centred, hedonistic ‘do what feels right’ view of things, but Paul foresaw this [2 Tim 3:2-5] ” … swollen with conceit ..”.

            Although there can be love between members of the same-sex, there should not be the conjoining of flesh. There is no problem with people loving people of what-ever gender. There is a problem calling ‘sin’ – ‘not-a-sin’ and mistaking ‘sex’ for ‘love’.

            • RollieB


              Have a peaceful day.

              • A. W. Thules

                .. agreed ..

                Blindess – pride will do that … something to pray about.

                You too.

        • R Vogel

          Ahh, the ‘I denigrate you because I love you’ justification. You should hang out with the Westboro loonies, they use the same morally bankrupt justification for their actions. You can’t even let people share their joy without throwing your judgmental little jabs. Perhaps you should spread that ‘love’ in your garden where it will at least offer some benefit.