The Year at Theoblogy

It’s been a great year here at Theoblogy, and I thank you for reading. Visits, unique visitors, and pageviews were all up over 20% from 2012, and we crossed one million pageviews for the first time. That’s very gratifying.

The average visit lasted 1:50, which seems like an eternity on the internet.

Forty percent of you were new visitors this year.

Chrome is your favorite browser, followed by Safari and Firefox.

You’re about half Windows users, and half Mac.

Facebook is the biggest referrer, followed by Twitter. After the social sites and my own site, the biggest referrer was Rachel Held Evans (thanks, Rach!).

After “Tony Jones” and “Tony Jones blog,” other search terms that led you here were “Rob Bell” and “Don Piper” and “Problems in America.” Among the more random search terms:

  • “what to get a pastor for Christmas”
  • “sunday school is a lie”
  • “mark driscoll on owning a bar”
  • “gone fishing with jesus”
  • “christianity and masturbation permissive perfect”

And maybe we should leave it there for now.

Thanks a million for reading. On Monday, the top five posts of 2013.

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  • I think the most interesting stat is how long people hang out on the site… if I were you, I’d be proud of that one… It sort of gets at conversation and digging deeper rather than just skimming for news, I think…

    • Yes, for sure. The time is very gratifying.

  • Steve

    First time visitor, friends of mutual friends…From what I have read about you, leads me to believe that you are a Jaywalker, a person that defies walking in the lines of the American Gospel Enterprise… Would you be willing to start the new year off with an interview for a Documentary film titled, “Jaywalking in the Spirit”?