Top Five Posts of 2013

On Friday, I highlighted some of the stats for the year at Theoblogy. Now it’s time for the big reveal. I’ve got some legacy posts that still get tons of hits, so this list won’t include those. Here are the top 2013 posts for traffic:

5. Premarital Sex — Maybe It’s Not So Bad

4. Rachel Held Evans: A Woman’s Voice

3. It’s Time for a Schism Regarding Women in the Church

2. Rob Bell Calls “Bullshit” on Christian Radio

1. Is It Time for Christians to Celebrate Premarital Sex?

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  • Ric Shewell

    What were the hit numbers for the Premarital Sex posts? It’s interesting and telling that this topic elicits so much emotion and reaction from both leftish and rightish Christians. I was also surprised to see so many comments posted months after the original post. Good conversation.

    • Tony Jones

      For posts to get numbers like these posts, they are posted elsewhere on message boards and other sites. That keeps driving people here over the months, and the comments come in dribs and drabs.

      • Tony Jones

        Or people are searching for the keywords and titles.