Happy Birthday Patheos! (And My Top Ten Posts)

Patheos turns 5 years old today, and I say, Huzzah! As a blogger, I’ve been both on my own and with a host organization, and Patheos has been nothing but good to me. My traffic has grown, I’ve been given great ideas of what to blog about, and I’ve had a ready in my editor, Deb Arca. Since I came to Patheos in 2011, this blog has had nearly a million visitors and over 2.6 million pageviews. That’s been awesome!

I’ve also gotten to know many of the Patheos personnel. The founders, Leo and Cathie Brunnick, are tireless entrepreneurs and cheerleaders. And Leo mixes a mean Patheos Punch. Deb Arca, as I said, is awesome — both fierce and sweet.

Way to go, Patheos!

You can see my top posts in the right sidebar. Those haven’t changed much, and they still seem to generate traffic and conversation. Plus, the posts of this year on World Vision and on Mark Driscoll’s publishing games are making a run at the top five.

I am in a slow season for blogging right now. I’ve quite simply taken on too much, too many responsibilities — teaching two new classes, writing a book, coaching youth baseball, working at sparkhouse, a couple articles and chapters, and coordinating JoPa events. I’m spread a bit thin. But I plan to pull out of this over the summer and get back to blogging more than once per week. In the meantime, thanks for continuing to check in here.

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