What Seminary Education Ought To Be [Part One]

The Fuller Seminary Doctor of Ministry Cohort in Christian Spirituality

On Friday, the above photo was snapped. I’d just come off the water with 10 Fuller DMin students, Brian McLaren, Courtney (my spouse), Albert (my dog), and three guides. Today, I sit at my family cabin as the students rise one by one, pour a cup of coffee, and sit with books to start the day. One is cutting strawberries for pancakes. Others are still asleep.

It seems odd to call these ten “students.” While I am, indeed, the “professor,” and I grudgingly grade their papers and presentations, I struggle with stratification implicit in the professor-student relationship. While I have an expertise forged by Princeton and experience, it is abundantly clear that each of us here is a learner. And each is a teacher.

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Benny Hinn as Sith Lord [VIDEO]

This Is Gonna Be Helluva Good Movie

Coming to theaters this fall.

Growing Up in the 70s: The Boy Who Liked Deer

My friend Jim and I are going to see Rush in concert in September. That’s been a lifelong dream of mine (yes, I’m a man of big dreams). In tribute to all the wonderful aspects of coming of age in the 1970s and 80s, I’m going to run an occasional series on some of the cultural touchstones for those of us who are proudly GenX.

Here’s another classic film that was shown annually when I was in elementary school: The Boy Who Liked Deer. In this one, a boy who likes deer (hence the title) falls in with the wrong crowd. The bad kids poison the deer. The kid feels bad.

You can watch it all on this YouTube playlist. The first segment is below.

Here’s what’s interesting: the last film I wrote about, Cipher in the Snow was produced by Brigham Young University, and this one is by the LDS Church. Stranger still that they’d show those in my school.

Did they show movies like this in your elementary school?