Taking Prayer Beyond Cause and Effect (#WhyPray)

I’m hard at work on a book about prayer. I’m trying to establish a reasonable, rational explanation of why we should pray. About what prayer accomplishes. About what effect prayer has on the Divine.

One of the things it seems I have to get over is my very human predilection to understand things by cause-and-effect.

I’m not the first one to tackle this, of course. David Hume thought a lot about cause-and-effect, including this famous billiard ball analogy:

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Lent Madness Brackets Announced

Happy Ash Wednesday, everyone. Actually, I should say Sad Ash Wednesday, or something like that. The bracket has been posted for the Lenten saint tournament — you can follow it here.

Forty Days with STILL

HarperOne has released a Lenten guide for reading Lauren Winner’s new book, Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis, about which I blogged last week.


In Still, you will find fifty-four meditations on what it looks like to arrive at a middle place in a spiritual journey and how to respond to a feeling of God’s absence. Forty Days with Still can be used in a general way, allowing you to press in closer with the readings, or it can be used specifically as a Lenten guide. If you choose the latter, over each of the forty days of Lent you will be guided to read one to three meditations and then reflect on the question(s) that correspond with that day’s reading. Let this guide deepen your understanding of who God is and how we communicate with God even in the moments when we can’t always feel God near.

FIND IT HERE: Still Reading and Discussion Guide | HarperOne’s Small Group Guides.

A Beautiful Lent

One thing that I cannot recommend highly enough is that you journey through Lent with Paul Soupiset, as he sketches his thoughts each day. He’s been doing this for several years, and I can tell you it’s a rewarding journey.