Stop Saying “Faggot”

Adam McLane has a guest post by a friend of his who, as a Christian, has struggled with his sexuality, and with the way that Christian groups have demeaned him:

I managed to keep in secret until about 18 when I told my high school counselor. He sympathized and explain that there were other people out there like me. Once I got to college, my life would change.

It did. My first week at college I became a Christian.

And I was still gay.

In the college Christian group I was a part of, there were great people, but a large majority of them used the words homo, queer, and faggot. I was in some deep trouble.

I had to hide the fact that I was gay. I mean, who could I tell? And the pressure to date was nearly insurmountable.

I managed coming out to some friends, but the loneliness, the isolation was great. No one got it.

That was about 20 years ago.

Since then I’ve tried counseling for 7 years; it was helpful to unpack a lot of the abuse I took, but I still wasn’t attracted to women.

I had a girlfriend in seminary for a year and a half. I thought I could change and make it work.

I didn’t. I broke her heart.

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Mark Driscoll Thinks British Preachers Are Cowards

So much for the kinder, gentler Driscoll:

“Let’s just say this: right now, name for me the one young, good Bible teacher that is known across Great Britain. You don’t have one – that’s the problem. There are a bunch of cowards who aren’t telling the truth.”

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Christian Nightmares’ 15 Worst Videos of 2011

I visit Christian Nightmares a lot. It’s like picking a scab. It hurts, but I can’t stop.

Christian Nightmares’ 15 favorite/worst video posts of 2011 (in no particular order; for last year’s list, click here)

1) Satanic, psychedelic remix of Christian public access evangelist Reverend Dolly Harrell


2) Evangelist and failed comedian Dawson McAllister preaches against ‘worldliness’


3) An incredibly infectious and upbeat Christian kids’ song about the Bible


4) Evangelist Patricia King marvels over her pal Joshua Mills as God covers him with blue sparkle dust and oil miraculously pours from his palms


5) ‘How dare you!’: An amazing remix of arrogant, condescending Pastor Mark Driscoll

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Steve Knight Lauds the Language of Participatory Church

When it comes to publishing, social media, and the church, Steve Knight knows what he’s talking about:

I’ve been working full-time on the Web (in one shape or form) for over a decade now, and it’s been fun to watch the language of it evolve from “interactive” to “multimedia” to “Web 2.0″ to “social media.” The radical shifts in culture that have taken place because of the Internet have been astounding.

At the same time, there’s been a similar shaking going on in Christianity, and I’ve noticed a similar evolution of language for what to call this too — from “alternative church” to “alternative worship” to “ancient-future worship” to “emerging church” to “missional church” and now “missional community formation.”

I predict the conversation about tech lingo will continue to parallel — and deeply inform — the conversation about Christianity and church (how we organize ourselves into religious/faith communities), just as the revolution sparked by the evolution of the Internet is re-making other sectors of society, such as education, journalism, and publishing.

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