…did you know that you can add GoogleTalk to your iChat?Please do it. I will never use AIM again.(ht: Sweet Cheeks) Read more

Welcome to the new website of Tony Jones! Read more

Anonymous said… tony you have quite a following ofgroupies who like to post on your site. they all appear to be unemployable superheros, thus allowing for them to save the world one hatefilled blog comment at a time. They are posting so much it’s becoming background noise for your blog. It’s a become predictable formula.First invent a name.Harry, Bill or Carla will do.Then they spew more gas and crap than the irritable bowel all-you-can-eat chili cookoff and campout.then they cap… Read more

So, I called my local Roman Catholic priest to ask him if Emergent is, indeed, simply Catholic as some of my commenters indicate. He called his bishop’s cell phone, and his bishop left Benedict XVI a voice mail. Benedict got back to him a couple hours later, via email. It was merely one line, and bullish at that:”Emergentum est extra ecclesiam.”I guess that settles it. Read more

I’ve recently been interviewed on a couple of podcasts, each by people who are interested in but somewhat reticent about Emergent. The first is Craig Bob at outoffellowship, and you can find it here (my apologies to Craig Bob that I was working on very little sleep at the time, and I was really low energy).The second one is by long-time critics of Emergent, Steve and Josh of stupidchurchpeople. It’s here. I’m a bit more fiesty in this one. Theirs… Read more

In just a few weeks I’ll be part of the 2006 National Pastors Convention in San Diego, February 22-25, 2006. If you go to www.nationalpastorsconvention.com , you will find all the details of this excellent event. As an incentive for you to go, Zondervan has extended a special registration rate of $250 ($100 off the regular rate) to those of you who would be interested in attending. If you choose to attend, this special registration discount is for registrations received… Read more

Jack Bauer Which 24 Character are you? brought to you by Quizilla Read more

In the comments section of my previous post, blog-lurker extraordinaire Tim Keller called me out for my duplicity regarding inerrancy. He’s right, I find inerrancy not merely to be “insufficient,” but actually deeply lacking theologically.In brief, I think that the doctrine of “inerrancy” — made up by evangelicals during the second half of the 20th century (the word, itself, is an invention) — uses an extrabiblical superimposition to prop up the authority of the Scripture. That is, inerrancy appeals to… Read more

Yesterday, I was hosted for a day at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I learned some lingo, For instance, in SBC circles, the school is referred to either as “Southern Seminary,” “Southern,” or “The Southern Baptist Seminary.” Specifically, I was invited by the faculty of the International Center for Youth Ministry at Boyce College, and its director, Dave Adams.As one might imagine, I had some trepidation going into this conversation, particularly having read the less-than-affirming blogs of the school’s president, Al… Read more

Well, there’s been quite a few stinks of late. First, people were taking us to task in blogs for raising some money to fund my (part-time) position with Emergent. Then others got really bent out of shape about my quote in a press release about a meeting with rabbis. In the midst of all that, I was informed by a friend that I was getting thrown under the bus in a new youth ministry bulletin board [UPDATE: Not everyone at… Read more

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