My “Minor Classic” on Spiritual Disciplines (for 99¢!)

Of the books I’ve written, two seem to have the most staying power.  One is Postmodern Youth Ministry, my first book, which has managed to stay on many syllabi for the last decade.

The other is The Sacred Way: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life.  I get more appreciative comments on this book than any I’ve written. It’s sold at Renovaré events. And it seems to have some staying power.  While it doesn’t sell like a Richard Foster or Dallas Willard book, it is persistent.

Now, with the cooperation of Zondervan, you can pick up The Sacred Way for 99¢ for this week only.

The Sacred Way cover

See below for the Table of Contents and an excerpt, if you want to get a feel for it.

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Garrison Keillor Hasn’t Read Moby Dick

Garrison Keillor, whom I admire, in spite of his quirks.

Last week, Courtney and I attended a Garrison Keillor book reading, in which he generally rambled about life, read from the book he’s writing now about the Adventures of Guy Noir, and, the ostensible reason for the gathering, read from his new book, A Christmas Blizzard: A Novel.  He was, as usual, self-deprecating about his writing, his looks, and his life in general.

During the Q&A after the readings, someone asked him about his favorite book of all time.  As any seasoned public speaker, he never really answered the question.  He spoke at length about his affinity for John Updike and the two times he met Updike.  Someone else asked about the rumors of Keillor’s retirement.  Garrison responded by saying that he’d flirted with retirement lately because he’d like to read.  To just sit at home and read.  Then he said, in the style of a theatrical aside, that he was embarrassed to admit that, despite being a man of letters, there are several classics that he’s never read.  Among them, he said, is Moby-Dick.  The crowd gasped.

That got me to thinking that, now that my dissertation is in the rear-view mirror, there are several classics that I’d like read in the coming year.  I’ve already got a pile of fiction on my bedside stand, so I’m currently thinking more in the non-fiction category.  I don’t know if this is a New Year’s Resolution so much as a New Year’s Aspiration.

Here are five books I’d like to read in the coming year:

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Merry Christache

For Christmas, I gave Courtney and my kids a gift better than anything O. Henry could come up with.  I gave them a mustache.  And they couldn’t be happier.

The Church Is Flat — Now $.99!!!

Wondering what to get with that Amazon gift card you received yesterday? For a limited time, you can purchase my book, The Church Is Flat: The Relational Ecclesiology of the Emerging Church Movement, for $.99!