My church is a federation of self-governing temples. Our bylaws and organizing principles make forming new congregations and temples under our umbrella easy. The reasons for this are both pragmatic, reflecting the reality on the ground in the Pagan communities as well as the nature of the tasks ahead of us, and defensive – better to have several ambitious Priestesses out building their own temples rather than fighting over the control of a single larger group. Small groups are simply better suited to accomplishing our… Read more

My version of Wiccan theology is panentheistic and polytheistic. The goddesses and gods are present and partly embodied in every aspect of the material world, numerous individual beings with different sets of specific powers and interests. Human beings also differ and have different interests that predispose both humans and deities to form relationships with one another based on our affinities. Although all Gods of both sexes and a range of genders could potentially be one’s Matron or Patron, we usually… Read more

A key point in building public Wiccan temples and activities, one that has been underplayed to our detriment, is the idea of mission, the reason that we are doing this at all.  Our mission on the largest scale and most generally, is to transform the religious culture wherever we are – to work toward a Wiccan and Pagan world.  And on the local Temple level, active in our communities, to address one or two concrete areas where people are hurt and we… Read more

  Last weekend I had the pleasure of being a guest of honour at Iowa’s Lammasfest, along with fellow g-o-h Ivo Dominguez Jr. and musical guest Aria Wylde. A long-time correspondent and online friend of mine is on the organizing committee and she thought that I could contribute something useful to the Pagan life of eastern Iowa. Well, I am not a traveller by nature, but they bought me a plane ticket, offered me a place in a tent, and… Read more

For many years I have followed a vision of a Wiccan movement centred on legal church bodies, that consciously seek out interested people and engage them in their activities, that serve the Gods and the community with no apologies for their beliefs and practices. The particular spiritual insights of Wicca and the kinds of actions and responsibilities assumed by us are valid and worthwhile completely regardless of whether they are like or unlike those of some other religion, and there is no need to justify them in… Read more

In this time of the ‘breaking of nations’ it is easy to get swept into the giant and difficult issues in the news and lose track of the things happening in our own lives. We can lose track of the power that we have here and now to cause change, lose hope. I do it, many of my FB friends do as well because we are intelligent and well-informed and concerned by these issues. Let me take a moment to… Read more

The best ritual books and approaches that I have found to ritual and ritual theory are briefly discussed below. There are no books of ritual scripts here – for scripts I recommend Janet and Stewart Farrar’s A Witch’s Bible or my own Creating Lore, Writing Ritual in the Wiccan vein. Read more

  There is a difference between being a Priestess or Priest and being a clergy person in a temple. In the first case a person is in a relationship with the gods, in the second they are in service to a community. There is overlap, and a clergy person needs to be a Priest/ess first, but public groups need to train their clergy people in different skills. This training outline, which I developed for the Congregationalist Wiccan Association, is based… Read more

During the course of working through this series of posts, and through the various rituals that you have observed, created and participated in, you will have accumulated a set of ideas, behaviours, and a set of associations with ritual. These are the most important ritual tools that you will get. Material objects used in the performance of particular rituals or types of rituals – material tools like candles, robes, regalia, tables, and the rest of it – are props which may help in creating an atmosphere or in triggering useful associations for the participants in a ritual but they are not important in themselves. Other items could be substituted and given the very same significance and associations. But the habits of thought, the quality of ritualized attention and behaviour, the general associations of the ritual performance are highly significant. These are gained with some time and effort and cannot easily be done without. Read more

Groups that consciously choose to create on the spiritual level together and that exercise their creative emotional and spiritual force toward the ends of shaping and worshipping deity can have a stronger and more clear effect as a result, a Guardian that expresses and enhances their spiritual power, hopes, and personal capacity for wonder over a lifetime or longer. Read more

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