Jim Crow Immigration Reform and Eating Crow

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Some Republican leaders like Jeb Bush have called for the legalization of undocumented immigrants without a pathway to citizenship. Other Republicans who actually oppose immigration reform leading to legalization argue that legalization without a pathway to citizenship would go against American values. One such representative of anti-immigration reform remarked that the legalization of undocumented immigrants without a path to citizenship would lead to a Jim Crow system of two tiers of Americans—those who have citizenship and those who cannot. While the group hopes that legalization of undocumented immigrants fails to pass, they are making a good case in view of democratic values on equality against the compromise position held by Jeb Bush and others.

One way or another, if one of these two positions wins out among Republicans, Republicans may end up eating crow during the next Presidential election. Some Republicans fear that the Democrats will be viewed increasingly as the representatives of equality and justice and the Republicans the advocates of a two class system. The Republicans have a long way to go to be viewed as a party that welcomes minority groups.

Last year, after the Presidential election, I wrote a post that included a discussion about what Republicans could do to become more open toward minority groups.  My recommendations still stand and bear on the present discussion. Among other things, I hope that Republicans make the shift and become more welcoming of minorities, including those who are undocumented immigrants. Such initiatives must not be based on political expediency and survival, but based on the firm conviction that justice and American values require such moves. If the only reason for avoiding Jim Crow is based on opinion poll appearances, then the rationale against Jim Crow is only skin deep. Minorities sympathetic to the concerns of undocumented people of minority status will likely be able to see right through such shallow moves and realize Republican views will change as soon as expedience goes in a different direction. Such minorities (who are becoming a significant voting bloc) will be sure not to vote for these political opportunists whose resulting diet of crow will be most fitting.

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  • Dave Francis

    There is absolutely no justification to keep importing poverty, when we have our own people patiently seeking a job. The more migrants and immigrants who arrive here legally or illegally, the more financial woes tax payers will have to contend with in generations to come? It remains completely senseless, when millions of people are out of work and must look to government and charities for enough food stamps, or other welfare entitlements to get through a month. I am afraid that our politicians have fallen into the campaign trap, because they rely on special interests to build their chance of reelection. Why don’t we have taxpayer funded elections, without corruption setting the standard in Washington? While we have special interest groups, there will never be a true government for the people? Now I am not saying every political personage is abusing the system, but many are and thats the major dilemma on both sides of the aisle. In this firebrand of illegal immigration, much of the previous and future troubles could have been prevented, if entry into America was classed as a felony. But the real oddity, its not and this was probably the pressure from the corporate world, which wouldn’t if this law had been passed get their fair share of cheap labor.

    You would think that the big unions as the AFL-CIO and all those pressing for immigration reform would be more dominant in fighting against such issues. But now, how can this be, when 23 million or more Americans cannot locate a job to feed their families? Why doesn’t the rank and file rise up against this indignities for a country deep in debt and could go under, during the present rule of President Obama. Then we have the gang of eight flirting with the lives of honest citizens and legal immigrants, with the 2 favorites in the GOP, who have now evolved into a pro-illegal alien crowd pleaser for the radical majority organizations, removing most restrictions from stopping more relentless foreign nationals from crossing our border, or just slipping on a airliner and entering as a simulated visitor, tourist or scholar. Daily we have this travesty as its not just people escaping poor countries, but years of pregnant females bringing an unseen fetus through immigration gates, readily to claim citizenship for the child once born? Probably other than Family Chain Migration, birthright citizenship forced upon taxpayers is the most expensive payout that cannot even be imagined. The estimate for States alone is in the 100 billion dollar mark. This law is a breach of any commonsense for any prudent person, especially the lawmakers who should enact legislation to repeal this law. IT JUST NEEDS THE FULL CRESCENDO OF AMERICAN INCENSED VOICES TO DEMAND THIS CHANGE, OTHERWISE THIS POLICY WILL REMAIN AND OUTRAGEOUSLY KEEP COSTING ANNUALLY OVER HUNDRED BILLIONS DOLLARS?


    Before any exceptions of allowing illegal aliens to stay, the border fence must be built to the requirements of the 2006 Secure Fence plan. That means double or triple fencing, with fast access points for the movement on the Border patrol vehicles in the internal “No man’s land”. Unless we control our borders and have maximum enforcement in tracking visa overstays and even maritime checks. We must also demand mandatory E-Verify provision, accompanied by IMAGE program that authenticates legal workers and red flags foreign nationals. Absolutely before any mass immigration package, most definite is the requirement of a national ID card, which should be in the possession of every American and permanent resident and other with legal status.

    As Calif. Drowns in Debt, Group Advocates For Free Healthcare for Illegal’s.

    By Stephen Frank on 03/21/2013 who writes for California News and views.

    California is in a Depression. We have a current debt/deficit of $90 billion—not even close to a balanced budget. Even the Democrat State Controller John Chiang admits the State has a $16.2 billion cash deficit, and that is only part of what we owe.
    Now, the California Endowment, a leftist think tank, wants to give free health care to illegal aliens. That, of course, will become a magnet for more illegal aliens to sneak into our country and State. While our young and elderly are waiting on long lines, as the doctor shortage grows each day, along with our deficit, these folks prefer you pay for health care for criminals from foreign nations than be able to receive health care for yourself and your family.
    This is part of a propaganda video sent out by the group—could make you cry, ““I’m undocumented, but I dream that one day we will all be treated as one people, because we are one people,” the young people tell viewers. “Now, our country has spoken saying that everyone should have affordable healthcare.”
    “I dream that one day, everyone will include me,” they say.
    This new burden would drive the state further into bankruptcy. California is already rated as one of the worst run states in the nation.”

    With inept governor as Jerry Brown holding the State purse strings, when a state like California is falling to the risk of millions more illegal aliens spilling across either national border, under the potential of a significant blanket immigration reform bill shortly. Why would they subvert money from the diluted treasury, when seniors and other destitute Americans are reeling from the continuous cuts to their health care, including dental treatment? This is not just a possibility in California, but even upon the strained resources of Arizona, plus the rest of the 50 states. It’s absolutely inevitable that the Imperial potentate Obama and his executive disciples are not going to keep their word, but unleash on the unsuspecting public, health care for everybody no matter the financial predicament it leads too?

    The lawmakers in Washington, should get it in their brains that 11 to 25 million or more illegal aliens should not obtain any Path to Citizenship or anything else, specifically when hard working taxpayers are their benefactor. Just the dispensation of this many people will be an added expense to the near 17 Trillion dollars we owe foreign nations such as China and Arab investors. How can we keep on adding more people to the welfare rolls, when millions of citizens and permanent residents are waiting patiently at food banks in line with foreign nationals for food stamps? We cannot give any ground of any kind is to exchange blows, by confronting politician in any method possible, to even calling them through the Central Washington at (202) 224-312. . LEARN THE AUTHENTICITY OF OUR SINGLE FENCE AT THE BORDER AND EXAMINE THE VEILED NEWS REPORTS AT AMERICANPATROL. ALSO SIGN THE PETITION AT THE NUMBERSUSA site to show your contempt. (Hundreds of thousands of infuriated citizens and lawful residents, have signed the petition already) Confront your Representative with post cards, challenging that they stop the current path to overpopulation, balkanization and taxing Americans to support foreigners. Inundate Facebook and Twitter with your attitude about the coming tempest, as the other side will do also. Make contact with your neighboring press and TV channels, because the end is near for rational thinking and the next strike on the smarting taxpayer. Nonetheless the best path is in getting results is a direct phone call to your person in Congress through the screening- aide and leave your clash against illegal immigration, insisting on the real wall, e-verify, revoking illegal alien children gaining citizenship and of major value for security a nation ID card for every citizen and legal resident.

  • rs

    What’s wrong with helping people in their own countries? Thought that was the idea behind Christian missions. Instead you want them here? Where they will run to the ACLU, and sue the government because their “rights’ were violated?