Want to help write a book?


John Loftus of Debunking Christianity is working on a new book and is looking for chapter ideas.  He describes the premise here and seeks suggestions in the comments.

I had previously mentioned that a Christian scholar and myself are co-writing a book. We’ve just made it out of the planning stage. We had to have a book proposal with a promise of appealing to readers. Well, we’ve settled on one tentatively titled “God or Godless? Fifty Five Minute Debates.” It will be designed for people who want some short answers (500 words each) to hot topics surrounding the theist/atheist debates. I am to come up with 25 hot topics and he will come up with 25 more. While I don’t think short answers get the job done right, they can be interesting and informative just the same. Which ones would you suggest for me?

I’m frequently frustrated with Debunking Christianity, since I think Loftus often focuses on the lowest common denominator of Christianity, and spends a lot of time on shalloweasily answered arguments or on weak interlocutors who are hardly the best Christianity has to offer.

Given how engaging I find the comments on this blog, I suspect you all could add some quirky and challenging questions to the mix for Loftus.  I’ve already posted one about contradictory conversion experiences that was adapted from my post on why miraculous conversions don’t compel me to believe.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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