Ex-Gays and Debating Mores (Index Post)

On April 1st, 2011, it turned out that the advertised visit from an ex-gay, Protestant minister was no prank.  When he came to campus, controversy erupted, even though the substance of his arguments was not as offensive as I had feared.  His talk seemed like as good a lens as any to talk a little about sexual ethics and debating strategies (though, so far, not in the same post).  Both are topics I like opinionating about, so here goes:


  1. Get Up to Speed on Yale’s Ex-Gay Preacher – A quick overview of the controversy and round-up of the reactions/editorials on campus
  2. The Ex-Gay Lecture Letdown – I didn’t agree with Christopher Yuan’s message but I didn’t find it as offensive as many of my friends did
  3. Where Yuan Went Wrong (Part 1) – Even if Yuan was arguing in good faith, some parts of his rhetoric were guaranteed to alienate and offend the audience.  So, Christians, if you’re pitching us, be careful about applying your own experience to everyone
  4. Where Yuan Went Wrong (Part 2) – And don’t imply opposing arguments are too stupid to merit acknowledgement or rebuttal, either
  5. Where Yuan Went Wrong (Part 3) – Never filter questions at a talk.  The audience will not forgive you
  6. On Not Respecting Autonomy – I’m completely on board with the structure of Yuan’s argument, contra some of my liberal friends…
  7. Two Fights to Pick on Homosexuality – …but man, oh man do I disagree with the premises he plugged into the larger structure.
"Well, I would love to know if you now believe that homosexuality is intrinsically disordered."

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