Daylight Atheism Guestblogging [Index Post]

In May of 2011, I did a stint guestblogging at Daylight Atheism, while Adam Lee went on vacation.  The individual posts are listed below, and you can browse all of them here

  1. The Rapture of Charlie Sheen – As Howard Camping’s predicted rapture approached, atheists made sport of his delusion.  Is there any point where a belief so obviously false that mocking its adherents is abusive?  At what point is a false belief and resistance to reason indistinguishable from mental incompetence?
  2. Whom Should We Mock? – Is there any utility to mocking people who don’t already respect and/or trust you, and therefore cannot be shamed by you?  It is just self-indulgent?
  3. Adapt or Die – Many Christians are cosmopolitan enough that finding out you disagree with them will not rock their world.  What’s your next gambit?
  4. The Mormon Test -A conversation opener when talking to religious people about standards of proof.
  5. You Call That Religion? –  After seeing The Book of Mormon, I think I’ve finally found something conservative Christians and atheists can agree on: Moral Therapeutic Deism is pernicious
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