Apophatic Project

How to say she would
run the horse beneath
the low branches of
the Thorny Locust
until she fell off?

How to explain she
planned to build fires
until the most concrete
of bridges fell to embers?

How to say she would
wander across whatever
border until every shape
wore a foreign costume?

How to explain
breaking every tool
she so expertly
wielded, until syllables
stuttered unintelligible
screeds and jokes?

How to say it’s about
burning. About riding
through low branches
until ends become
completions; going

on until she hears
the trees laughing.

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About David Breeden

The Rev. Dr. David Breeden is Senior Minister at First Unitarian Society in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He became a minister after a career as a university professor, teaching creative writing and literature. He has written several books on theological topics and translates the writings of philosophers of classical antiquity. More information is available at www.wayofoneness.com.