Have mercy upon us


I do love a good story. And it’s not always apparent on the first page. Having read most of Dickens, I now know that it will take about 25 pages to understand enough to keep reading; he paints with a broad brush before he begins with the details– the people, the places, and the drama [Read More...]

On vocation and occupation

We long for what we do to grow out of who we are, for our occupation(s) to be rooted in our vocation. That is the hope of everyone’s heart. [Read more...]

Pressed by a vision


What do artisan popsicles have to do with addiction and unemployment? [Read more...]

Why not be cynical?

(If you look closely, you can see Churchill's signature.)

Cynicism? It lurks around the corner of everyone’s heart. Powerful people in a powerful place– of course it cannot be honest. Everyone’s playing a game of some sort—you just need to see it for what it is. We see through, don’t we? We know, don’t we? If you haven’t already screwed me and the world, you will—and I will not be screwed again! So of course I don’t believe you. Why should I? How could I? [Read more...]

To the nth degree

What seems almost innocent to begin with very often becomes horrific before the day is done. [Read more...]

Expectation affects program

A cactus flower near Camelback Mountain.

What we believe about the future affects the way we live, and this is true for human beings wherever they are, whatever they believe about the deepest things, the things that matter most. [Read more...]

To know the world and to still love it


To be implicated, for love’s sake. In many ways, that is the question of my life. Why that happens, how that happens, is as deep a current in my own calling as I understand myself; I have been thinking about the responsibility of knowledge, teaching it, writing about it, semester after semester, for years and years. And at my best, I still see through a glass darkly. [Read more...]

Conversations with consequences, again


Can it all make sense? Does it hold together? How do I find my way into making more sense? [Read more...]