Mojo, Juju, Mumbo Jumbo- What Does It Mean?

Tarkawa Bay- Snake Charmer by Sudhanshu Pran Kaul licensed under CC by 2.0

I love words. I sleep with a dictionary next to my bed. I collect antique dictionaries. They get me hot. Well, maybe not literally, but words are a key to our past, a doorway to understanding and meaning that we use everyday. Even my path of Eleggua in Santeria (Lukumi) is all about words, which came as a surprise to both me and my godmother, when we saw the divination results. I love to dance and move so much that everyone thought I would have those qualities ruling my spirituality. But then … [Read more...]

2013: The Voodoo Universe Has Lift Off

Marie Laveau Veve Flag unveiled at Voodoo Zombie Rave 2013. Photo and Flag by Scarlet Sinclair.

2013: it's been a year of old and new, ancestors and internet, and from where I sit, it's up, up and away from here. This year my godchildren and I performed the first ever Zombie Voodoo Silent Rave for the ancestors. Now this sounds odd, and it was, but the ancestors and the living love a good party. It's so hard to get everyone on the same ritual page at a large Pagan festival, and while my godkids and I are used to ritual, many of the participants have never seen or experienced a Voodoo … [Read more...]

Babalu Aye: The King Who Hurts The World!

IMG_2030 by Roly Chang licensed by CC 2.0

Babalu Babalu Aye....many Americans were introduced to this Cuban Santeria chant through the classic television show I Love Lucy and its leading character Ricky Ricardo (played by Desi Arnaz). The song was written in honor of the god Babalu by Margarita Lecuona and popularized by Miguelito Valdesin 1941.  On television, it was the signature number for the Latin bandleader we came to know and love, Ricky Ricardo. He opened the door to this powerful Orisha, and for that we are grateful. December 1 … [Read more...]

Holiday Love Nuts Recipe

Holiday Love Nuts Recipe by Lilith Dorsey

It's Yuletide and there is a lot of holiday cooking going on, among Pagans and other religions, as there should be. When I was little I remember the holiday baking would go on for weeks. There would be coffeecakes, and cookies, and a ton of snack mix. My sister and I totally did not look forward to the cooking and decorating that went on for hours at my grandmother's house. We laugh about it today, and snack mix is still a guilty pleasure. The following is a much healthier alternative for a … [Read more...]

Why Voodoo Is Like Gangsta Rap…. Say Whaaa?

"Kickn' back in my pad" by hobvias sudoneighm licensed by CC 2.0

I realize Gansta Rap is probably one of the more controversial topics out there, as is Voodoo. They are both raw and unapologetic. I got told in an interview the other day that I sound like an angry person when I talk about my religion. Well, I'm sure this isn't the last time I will have to say it but experience shapes existence. Even in the most tolerant of situations Voodoo is met with stereotype and disrespect. They regret it. I have had people threaten to shut down my rituals, and other … [Read more...]

ForeMama Said: Wit and Wisdom of Zora Neale Hurston

Zora by yawper licensed under CC by 2.0

Zora Neale Hurston was an author, an anthropologist, a filmmaker, a Voodoo priestess, an inspiration. Here are just a few of my favorite quotes from her. For more information and resources please check out my post on her hometown Eatonville, Florida. Enjoy these words from our wise ForeMama!Sometimes, I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company? It's beyond me.― Zora Neale H … [Read more...]

10 Terrible Gifts for Pagans This Yule and 3 Great Ones!

Self Portrait- Get the #$% off my shelf by MattysFlicks licensed by CC  2.0

I decided it was long past time to write a bit about the horrible things people think and do when it comes to their misunderstanding of other people's beliefs, but in a funny way don't worry. The holidays are a time to come together for all faiths, Christians, Pagans, Jews and other religions. In that communal spirit PLEASE DON'T buy these terrible gifts for your witchy friends. There were a lot of questionably crappy things that didn't make the list. I'm not sure why someone would want a Pagan … [Read more...]