2014 Readings Have Three Santeria Houses in Agreement- Unprecedented!

Blue Dancer (Yemaya) Cuba by James Emery licensed under CC 2.0

According to El Nuevo Herald, for the first time in anyone’s memory three separate Santeria houses, two in Cuba and one in Miami are reporting the same outcome for this year’s divination, Egiobe or Ejiogbe. The houses’ agreement  about the specific predictions are ongoing but the general feeling is that this means optimism for the coming year.

In the religion of Santeria (La Regla Lucumi) the New Year begins with a divination. Many Santeria houses (spiritual centers) perform their own divination. Special note however is paid to the readings done by the larger spiritual houses. These readings give predictions, prohibition, and insight into the coming year. Devotees use these predictions as guidelines for the coming year. It is a very good idea to follow the rules dictated by your spiritual home. I have several cautionary tales about how someone didn’t follow a food prohibition and then got ill, or didn’t follow a sex tabu and then got an STD. There are a few things to remember when reading this information. First, follow the instructions of your own ile, and your godparents first and foremost. Secondly, if you are not initiated into the religion this information is provided for informational purposes only. Fortunately or unfortunately Santeria is not a home study religion, and it can not be self taught, everyone is different and needs the individual guidance and support that come from belonging to a spiritual family. However, that said, I think this information is valuable for those who seek spiritual knowledge and truth and to that end I have included the following, which is a partial explanation of this year’s reading from the Yoruba Cultural Association.


Letter of 2014 from Yoruba Cultural Association

This divination was compiled by a large number of Babalawos from Cuba and other countries, as well as members of the Cuban Council of Ifa High Priests.


Sign: Egiobe

2014 Prophecy: Ire ariku oyale lowo Orunmila (roughly translates from the Yoruba as “good health thanks to Orunmila”)

Orisha: Yemaya and Eleggua

Recommendations for the coming year:

Ifa says “We must be very organized in all areas of our life, so as to achieve a better life.”

Ifa says “ Avoid alcohol, drugs, and tobacco”

Ifa says “ We must take great care to keep our bodies and our homes clean.”

Ifa says “ We must be humble, avoid arrogance, anger, and impoliteness.”

Ifa says : “We must maintain our families and our religious communities united”


This is only a partial presentation, please click on the link to read the entire 2014 Letter of the year from the Yoruba Cultural Association.









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