Tarot Tea Anyone? Crowley Chai Chat?

The world is a big and sometimes overwhelming arena to navigate, the same can be said of the blogosphere. Then when you start talking about adding Pagans to the mix things can get weirder and more wonderful, in my experience. Christine Hoff Kraemer, our managing editor here at Patheos Pagan, has put out the clarion call! In her post Building Pagan Intellectual Culture Face to Face, she writes, “during the month of February, if you write online, make a date to have a cup of tea (or food or drink of your choice) with another writer or commenter.” I am excited about this idea, I am a bit introverted anyway, but the anthropologist in me loves to learn about new and different ways people have of worshipping and celebrating their spirit. So here is my invitation to you: 

Hearthfire burn and kettle bubble,

I just want chat, don’t start no trouble.

In snow thunder, white lightning or in pain,

When shall we 2 or 3 meet again?

Or for the first time maybe…is it really meeting if we just video chat? Who knows? Spread the word, spread the love, let me know if you’d like to chat and spread the tea .For those of you who would like to buy me a “Shakespeare Hates Your Emo Poems“ Sticker in honor of this post you can get one here.


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