Thoughts on the Outlawing of Abortion

In one of his typically thought-provoking and soul-stretching posts, Nathan rightly notes the (im)moral and social conditions that fuel the culture of death. To simply reduce abortion to its political and legal aspects as if a solution based sheerly on platform or law could extinguish the evil that gives rise to the systematic destruction–murder–of the smallest and weakest of persons is to gravely neglect the real issue at stake. As Nathan brilliantly and beautifully puts it, Christians must commit to… Read more

USCCB Responds to 18 Catholic Democratic Politicians

The USCCB released a statement through its Media Relations Office, headed by Sr. Mary Ann Walsh, addressing the recent statement of 18 Catholic politicians in the U.S. House. The full press release is as follows: Response to 18 Democrats Sister Mary Ann Walsh, RSM Director of Media Relations United States Conference of Catholic BishopsIn an unfortunate May 10 statement, 18 of the 88 Catholic Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives criticized Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks concerning Mexican lawmakers legalizing… Read more

Karol Wojtyła (John Paul II) on Self-Giving

In Guadium et Spes we find the following, almost paradoxical, insight, “… if man is the only creature on earth that God has wanted for its own sake, man can fully discover his true self only in a sincere giving of himself” (§ 24). Not only is this a theological-metaphysical-anthropological claim, it is also very clearly a moral and social one. One cannot be who or what he is supposed to be, metaphysically speaking, unless he first stands in relation… Read more

Human Dignity and Life Matters

As a Catholic, I stand for the affirmation of life, and that means all life; I affirm the dignity of each human person, given to them at the point of their conception; it is a dignity which never ends, not even at the point of death. Indeed, many people seem to forget this – human dignity extends into eternity; just as it is easy for many to disregard human dignity at the point of conception, it seems even easier to… Read more

Sterile Nation, Sterile Hearts

Abortion is the murder of a human being. But the solution to murder, to evil, lies not within police, courts, and prisons, but within Christian sacrificial love. Yet most pro-life Catholics in America would disagree with me. Most support legislation (and coercive enforcement) that would outlaw abortion. The assumption is that this would save countless humans from being murdered, and that this would be a terrific victory over evil.I agree that it would end the majority of abortions, but I… Read more

Abortion and Economics

What does abortion in the United States look like? The Guttmacher Institute explores this issue in some detail. For a start, it notes that 57% of women opting for abortion are economically disadvantaged. In fact, the abortion rate among women living below the federal poverty level ($9,570 for a single woman with no children) is more than four times that of women above 300% of the poverty level (44 vs. 10 abortions per 1,000 women). And when asked to give… Read more


Jose Maria Escriva’s book, The Way, has one quote that frequently pops into my mind over the years. It goes something like”Don’t say ‘that person drives me crazy’ say ‘that person sanctifies me.'”We all have one person in our life who is trying to make us a better person, even though they don’t know that. We get a very off centered vision of ourselves and then comes a person in our life who shows us who we REALLY are. Impatient,… Read more

World Digest

EconomyCentral Asia – Economic changes in Central Asia focusing on the old Silk RoadRomania – Welfare checks to be replaced with goatsHuman RightsChina – The villagers, in Guangxi province, reportedly attacked government offices after officials imposed heavy fines on families who had too many children.China – Changes in women’s rightsRussia and European Union – Tensions in conference over concerns about human rights. (See also)Russia – Mikhail Gorbachev defends Putin’s policiesMigrationBritain – Migrants cause debate over public housing.Lebanon – Concerns that… Read more

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