In discussions over the minimum wage often high schoolers will be offered as a rebuttal. In this post, I’m not going to argue what our laws should be in regards to minimum wages. Instead, I’m going to focus on the philosophical foundations.For most people, there is no difficulty in saying that the kid who mows your lawn shouldn’t be entitled to $14/hour. This is extended to the kid in high school working a summer job, and it is finally and… Read more

It seems that Vox Nova is being attacked for adopting pacifist positions and not giving enough consideration to traditional just war teaching. Christopher Blosser writes: “An absolute (pacifist) condemnation of the military cannot be reconciled with Catholic tradition or the Catechism”. Nonsense. In fact, the pacifist tradition is well established and respected within the Catholic tradition. If pacifism is incompatible with Catholicism, then Dorothy Day would not be on the road to sainthood. If a rejection of all war is… Read more

How much reading of newspapers, how much reliance upon the news media, is too much for our own good? Possibly even a little is too much.Walter Hooper, C. S. Lewis’ private secretary and literary executor, describes the kind of disdain Lewis had with newspapers:‘Who is Elizabeth Taylor?’ asked C. S. Lewis. He and I were talking about the difference between ‘prettiness’ and ‘beauty,’ and I suggested that Miss Taylor was a great beauty. ‘If you read the newspapers,’ I said… Read more

I didn’t have too eventful of a Memorial Day. I attended a wedding. I also went to the graduation of a cousin who will be headed to Missouri for AIT before starting college. Vox Nova was a little more eventful.The reason I label the post such is because Nationalism and the rights of States are quite often understood erroneously outside patria. The Compendium of Social Doctrine is instructive here, “417. The political community is established to be of service to… Read more

Source: United Press InternationalThe U.S. will ban thirty one Sudanese companies from the U.S. financial system, including oil exporters. In addition, the Bush Administration has called to freeze the assets of two Sudanese high-ranking government officials allegedly involved in the massacre. President Bush is also pushing for a Security Council resolution that would impose financial sanctions on the Sudanese government, stop military flights over the area and intensify an embargo on arms sales to the country. Read more

After 53 years of being on air, Radio Caracas Televisión, the oldest privately owned television station in Venezuela, has been officially closed by the Venezuelan government. This TV station, as well as all the other private stations, has shown opposition to Chávez’s regime for many years now and was therefore thought subversive by the government. The paranoia of the regime, or perhaps in a resounding demonstration of its power, finally took the station off the air and replaced it instead… Read more

“I want to be blunt with you,” the priest said to me. He was behind a curtain, and had just digested my confession. “It sounds,” he said, “like you’ve got a really ungrateful heart.”Today, memorial day, I found myself beside a creek, watching the birds wash, breathing in the smells of spring, loving the presence of my future wife, and truly enjoying the freedoms that countless soldiers have died for, but mostly killed for.I am grateful for these freedoms. But… Read more

This the second post of a two-part response to Michael’s excellent Memorial Day post. My main problem with nationalism is that it violates the “Catholic principle”, the idea that we should not set limits and definitions on our definition of “neighbor”. In other words, borders might be necessary for purely administrative reasons, but should never become imbued with mystical qualities of their own. Too often today, there is the tendency in America to glorify the nation state and all the… Read more

Memorial Day in the United States is a time to pause and remember those who have sacrificed their life on the battlefield. It is also a time to pray for the families of those who lost a beloved soldier.I do not find there to be any tension between hating war, loving life, AND honoring those who have chosen to serve their country and lose their life in the process. ANYONE who has ever served in the military or been a… Read more

Following up from Michael’s excellent Memorial Day reflection on the intermingling of true and false religion (Catholicism and nationalism) in America today, I think it is important to delve more deeply into this issue. More than any other country today, Americans tend to fuse Christianity with an invented civic religion, and, sooner or later, it all comes back to the idea of American exceptionalism, the notion that America is somehow ordained by God and is held to a different standard…. Read more

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