So you need to cast a spell. You gather your items, check your planetary chart for the right planetary hours, you prepare your space, light the candles, call in your spirits and cast the spell. Now you are pretty pleased with your rite, you leave offerings, and clean up. Then you wait… Sometimes you see success right away, the spell starts to manifest and you know it worked. Or perhaps you see a strange sign or omen which gives you… Read more

When one hears or reads the phrase “Parting the Mist” a vision of a great fog with mystical quality comes to mind, perhaps a woman on a boat with her hands raised entering into Avalon. However we don’t all have boats or even mystical misty lakes to enter into the otherworld through. So how do witches do it? Parting the mist is crossing into liminal space, over the hedge and into the spirit world.  You see this in examples like… Read more

The path of the witch is a bit more winding and often times the waters flow through deep underwater cavern with no light shining. I found Witchcraft in the back pages of a magazine where a small list of books on witchcraft were. I bought a few and as soon as I began to read them I knew I was a witch. I kept exclaiming “This is me! They keep talking about me! This is what I am, who I… Read more

If you asked me why I was a Water Witch and Avalonian Priestess years ago, I probably would have given you a completely different answer. It would have been a vague reply about being pulled to the path like a magnet with so many road markers pointing me in the right direction. I have written about how I was called to this path and how I found deity several times but this post will be a little different. This will… Read more

I unpacked my bag, removing all the items including the spell bag I had just made. I put everything away placing the spell bag by my computer. I was pretty tired so I dragged myself to bed, thinking that I would put the bag in a new location in the morning. For now, it would be fine by the computer, it was on the table after all. In fact it would be the very first thing that I saw in… Read more

There were many significant things in my childhood that helped to define who I was as a person, artist and witch. Read more

Vessels in their various forms are important to the Witch. Not only because they hold the sacred liquid that we work with but it also because it represents so much more; the divine feminine, the cauldron of rebirth, the sacred well, and the holy grail. Read more

So you are a witch and you love the water! In fact you might even be a just a little obsessed with it. You tend to find yourself walking the shores and collecting river rock and sea shells. If you tend to work with spirits that are associated with the water and worship goddesses born of the waves then chances are you are a Water Witch. Water Witchcraft is a “genre” of witchcraft that honors and derives its power from… Read more

It would be silly to think that someone who calls themselves a water witch works ONLY with the water element. This would make for a very unbalanced practice! Rather Water or Sea Witches work with all the elements through their particular path which is deeply connected to water. A Water Witch may call themselves Water or Sea witch because they derive their power from the Waters or the Spirits that dwell with in it. Working with Air Water Witches can… Read more

A new interview with a Water Priestess! Read below to learn more about her practice and connection to the water. Who are you and how do you practice? I am a Water Priestess, Kathryn Ravenwood (Raven). In addition to my Water Priestess work, I am a Priestess of the Trees, an initiated Priestess of Thoth, a certified Alchemical Healer practitioner and teacher (lineage of Thoth via Nicki Scully), trained in the Egyptian Mysteries and a devotee of that pantheon. I… Read more

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