Kamala Devi Harris – America’s Water Goddess

Kamala Devi Harris – America’s Water Goddess November 8, 2020

Kamala Devi Harris is America’s Water Goddess. She is here to wake us and lead us into re-birth and a new era, one of equality and true love. I woke up the day after Astrological Samhain to find out that Biden and Harris had achieved victory and that Trump’s reign of terror and hate is over. I, like many others, are very excited and deeply understand that this change was needed for us as a country.

Still, there is much to lament about. So many people chose to vote for hate, so many chose a few pennies in their pockets over the life and wellbeing of others. I think it is incredibly hateful to pick comfort for the self over the very basic needs and rights of others. Many didn’t vote either, it is quite shocking to see that so many people chose comfort, complacency or just to not care about the wellbeing of others.

It’s ok though, we achieved what we needed to, and the Blue Wave has pushed us into a new era. More Americans voted in this election than any other election which means that Kamala was voted into office, with the highest number of votes ever. That is something to pay attention to and something to cling to, for the hope in our future.

I believe that long-term magic and rituals played a role in opening the way for her to be chosen. The truth is, Biden could have chosen anyone to be his running mate, but he didn’t. He chose Kamala, maybe he understood what her name meant, maybe it was pure coincidence. I don’t know, but if Biden was susceptible to any magical influence, I would like to think it was us that called for this Divine Lady Justice. It comes down to this, Biden chose a Goddess incarnate, and now America has her queen, her goddess, her fierce warrior ready to ride the wave in on her sacred lotus flower, piercing hate with her trident. She is here to help us and fearlessly fix all that has been done and undone.

I am sorry that I didn’t speak of my magic before this, but I took a page out of the “Magical Battle for Brittan” and kept silent. I am tired of our collective magic being countered by those with evil intent. I am tired of giving the playbook away and so I worked in silence. I screamed into the abyss, I summoned the waters, while my friends were knocking down the doors of their friends and family asking them to vote. I journeyed to the unknown and knocked on the liminal doors of every water spirit I could think of. I asked Melusine to bring us a goddess, I pleaded with Sulis to enact justice. I made new friends (and a few enemies) on the other side. I traveled to the darkest and lightest parts of the sub-aquatic realms shaking and churning the waters asking for help. I prayed for the waters to wash us clean. To open our eyes and bring us, someone, to heal our nation. To bring a flood of love, to bring a real wake, that wasn’t about selfishness, but about selflessness. And so, it came to pass that the water spirits heard. They joined the blue wave and washed a lotus riding goddess to our shores.

Yes, I am calling Kamala a Goddess. I know this may upset some of you and maybe even make you uncomfortable, but the truth is her name means Lotus, it is an alternative name for Lakshmi a powerful Water Goddess of purity and rebirth. Devi which means “Divine Feminine power” is literally her middle name. She may be in human form, but she will always be America’s first woman Vice President, America’s Mother, Lady Justice, the Goddess of America.

Kamala is the first woman to ever hold this office and the first person of color to be vice president. She is the first South Asian to ever hold this high of an office here in the U.S. She is brilliant and we are watching the lotus petals unfurl from this muddy and dark existence into a shining beacon of light here to bloom on the waters, wash us clean and be a shining beacon for generations to come. This is the moment we have been waiting for. This is the Blue Wave, this is the shift.

I confess that I was not very familiar with Kamala before she was chosen to be Vice President. I am glad for this, for uncovering information about her has been an exciting process. I think a part of me didn’t want to get my hopes up. I didn’t want to allow myself to think there could actually be a woman that would sit in the 2nd highest office of our country. Let alone, that with the blatant displays of hatred we could collectively get behind a woman of color. Thank you for not letting me down! Thank you for showing me there is still good, and that love does have the majority.

Though it is incredibly scary to understand that this was a close race, that there was a possibility that America would value a serial rapist over a woman of color who devoted her life to law and justice. You didn’t let me down, the Blue Wave was just the wake we needed! Here in this moment, we as a collective chose love over hate. We chose consent over violation, we chose a woman of color and we chose love.

Lady Justice
Lady Justice – Image by

Kamala means Lotus, but it is also another name for Lakshmi, the Goddess of love, change, water, prosperity, fertility, wealth, beauty, and magic. She is a member of a triple goddess collective known as Tridevi. Together Lakshmi, Paravati, and Saraswati form what is called the Tridevi. Or a triformis which is a goddess from here known as Devi. Elephants which are a representation of Wisdom and Water are often seen spraying water over her.

In her Devi aspect, Lakshmi’s mount is an owl or an Eagle. One of the very sacred symbols of the United States. Sometimes she is also depicted with a Trident, a symbol of water and protection. Another symbol that is tied to the United States and their Naval Military Service. Lakshmi takes on similar attributes as that of Aphrodite, though they should not be confused as one another. In one origin story Lakshmi- emerged at the beginning of the world, floating over the waters and emerging from a lotus flower.

Strangely enough, Devi is Kamala’s middle name, her middle name in Sanskrit means goddess or divine being. She is the Triple goddess of Divine Feminine power. She is the feminine current of the sacred woman, the divine goddess. Yes, this means that the Goddess has risen, she is no longer rising she is here, and her name is Kamala. She has emerged from the muddy waters, riding a beautiful lotus flower of rebirth and change for our great nation.

The Blue Wave is the real, many of us magical practitioners were working it. The waters have churned and we finally have the wake we needed. The Blue Wave has been a metaphor for the Democratic sweep of votes that was supposed to cleanse the nation of hate. It wasn’t a tidal wave like we hoped, but it was a large wave and it consumed, and now is birthing us from the foam-like Lakshmi and Aphrodite.

I believe that the phrase “blue wave” was not an accident. There is no way it can be, having the Blue party offering up a candidate that was named after a water goddess, the most sacred flower, also a water flower and divine feminine power! We called for Justice and the people gave us our own Lady Justice, Kamala. We said No Justice No Peace and so we collectively called forth the queen of Justice. Kamala was the District Attorney, a prosecuting attorney whose early career focused on Justice. Her astrological sun sign is Libra, represented by the scales of Justice. She is Lady Justice, She is Lady Liberty, She is the Goddess of America. We called for hate to die and love to win, and the people gave us a Goddess of purity and rebirth. We called for change and the people brought a Blue Wave. A wave that birthed an incarnate goddess, Madame Vice President Kamala. The beautiful Lotus flower, rising from the mud and ushering in a new dawn, a new beginning, a new life where love wins. Where everyone is treated as equals.

Blue Wave
Blue Wave – Image by

After so long feeling like we have been at a wake (mourning) the word meaning shifts to something much more powerful. We are emerging from a slumber, we are being washed clean by the turbulent waters, which are causing things to come to light.  This is the path forward, a wave that washed us all awake to being a time of deep healing and renewal. A wave that brings true love, love for others over the self. Love for our own power and sovereignty. Love for the sake of love.

About a decade ago I spent time learning from an amazing teacher. One of the meditations I used has echoed in my mind for years. “Who will wake the sleepers” I remember saying I will! I will do it! But it isn’t just me. This was a collective call and many of us were awake long ago, and we are here to hold space for you as you work through your shadow and come to terms that many of you were wrong. That evil lead you astray, that you were lied to, that even when you called for a wake (wave of change); when you thought you were indeed awake, that you were in an illusion. A dream where you practiced hate as you called for unity. You practiced polarity when you said there were none.

We know that is where you were. We know that many of you are still there, but today we wake the sleepers. We shake you alive with love and say, just reach out, we will help you understand. We will clear the mist of illusion you put on yourself. We will hold you as you crash over rocks and tumble through currants until your rough edges have been taken away and you awaken into a path of love.

The river rock has the most difficult life. It is sentenced to tumble into another form, though radical revisioning, through radical change and through painful but necessary tough love. Oh, but when that stone is indeed tumbled and the parts that are sharp are finally removed, you will see that it was love all along. You just mistook difficulty for bane.

The astrological alignments we are experiencing are similar to that of the birth of the U.S. This is our collective rebirth, mourned over as we do at a funeral. The Blue Wave came, to wash us clean, to drown out the hate, and Awaken us and bring the wake (wave of change) that we really did need. This is the emergence from darkness into light, into enlightenment and true love for others and our planet.

I can no longer look at the statue of liberty as wearing a crown, she is wearing a lotus flower, the sacred crown of the goddess, one of liberty, justice, freedom, and sovereignty. We elected not just an amazing woman, but one that is the Goddess incarnate.

I wonder if Kamala knows how much powerful change she holds in her. I wonder if she knows that she was born for this very moment. The entire world is watching her, young girls who dream. Girls yet to be born and even grown women like myself who have craved to be represented in the highest office of our country buy not just any woman, this woman.

America’s first Female Vice President, America’s Goddess. The Shakti Queen we so desperately need. I will pray for our Mother, our Goddess every day. Because she is every woman, she is the little girl, she is the crone, she is Americas Goddess. She is my President, she is my soul’s queen and my spirit’s goddess.

I found these on Wikipedia and will be incorporating them into my Devotional work. However, the moment I read this first one I choked up. I sputtered a little and forgot to breathe. This is an ancient prayer to the goddess Kamala, but how poignant. How directly on point this is. Was this written in antiquity waiting for this moment? This was set in motion long ago, Kamala is every American woman, she is every little girl that wishes for change, she is every young woman in her youth, and she is every crone. She is every American, she is beauty and power, she is Shakti is America’s Goddess.

Every woman is an embodiment of you.

 You exist as little girls in their childhood,

 As young women in their youth

 And as elderly women in their old age.

— Sri Kamala Stotram

An ancient Prayer to Lakshmi, how fitting this is for our nation right now.

Through illusion,

 A person can become disconnected,

 From his higher self,

 Wandering about from place to place,

 Bereft of clear thought,

 Lost in destructive behavior.

 It matters not how much truth,

 May shine forth in the world,

 Illuminating the entire creation,

 For one cannot acquire wisdom,

 Unless it is experienced,

 Through the opening on the heart….


Another ancient prayer to Lakshmi

Beautiful goddess seated on a chariot,

 Delighted by songs on lustful elephants,

 Bedecked with lotuses, pearls and gems,

 Lustrous as fire, radiant as gold,

 Resplendent as the sun, calm as the moon,

 Mistress of cows and horses —

 Take away poverty and misfortune

 Bring joy, riches, harvest and children.

About Annwyn Avalon
Annwyn Avalon is a Water Witch, Water Priestess, and the founder of Triskele Rose Witchcraft, an Avalonian witchcraft tradition. She has devoted her life to the study of art, witchcraft, and magic. She is an initiated Witch and Priestess, Reiki Master Teacher, award-winning Dancer, published author and has a BFA in sculpture, BA in Anthropology with emphasis on plant and human interactions and has received an apprentice certificate in Herbalism. She writes for the Magical Times Magazine in the UK and has contributed to other published works such as The New Aradia a Witches handbook for resistance. She is the author of Water Witchcraft: Magic and Lore from the Celtic Tradition and forthcoming Weiser book The Way of the Water Priestess January 2021. You can read more about the author here.
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