It’s amazing how we go through life and we make mistakes, say things we mean but they get taken out of context, words twisted, and we misunderstand each other. It’s even more amazing how we learn from these things, we learn more about the world, those we come into contact with and ourselves. Each action has a reaction and they are often not what we expect them to be, but with each action and reaction we are shaped, we shift, we learn, and we heal. Read more

Each week in the Water Witches group over on Facebook I post a question topic. A few weeks ago I posted about finding our way to the Water Witch path. I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to respond to many of the question topics myself. So how did I find my way to the Water Witch path? Well that is a long winding river through some very interesting places. I will do my best to… Read more

I often get the question “How do I become a Water Witch?” or “How do I get started?” These are great questions and there are a variety of answers! To start one can simply begin by dedicating themselves to the path. In order to do this a ceremony or ritual is performed with the intent of moving forward in a dedicated manner to their chosen path. If you are considering focusing your craft on a Water Based practice feel free… Read more

The water calls to us, and some of us it calls out to and then charges us with a task; work for the water. Water is our life; it runs through our veins and it is in danger. Read more

There are many ways to collect water and there is no “one way” to collect it. However, there are some things you need to be very careful of. First get a good sharpie and labeling system going. You need to know what is in your jars! After a while you will have a cupboard for just your waters and in the end they all look like water. When you label them, make sure you label the moon cycle, the date,… Read more

When I was younger and still today I would cringe when I would hear the phrase “Give it to God”.  I used to hate this because to me it suggests give up personal responsibility in life. Now you may be wondering what this blog is going to be about since I am clearly saying that you need to be responsible for your actions and the path you walk. So why Give It To Gaia? A few days ago I was… Read more

Last week I wrote about my irritations with the mass cursing of Trump. This week I want to talk about how I think we can make positive change with healing and aggressive magic together. I originally had written these two posts as one, it was suggested that I split them into two parts because it was very long. I wanted to add a small section here because it was pointed out to me last week, I wanted to add that… Read more

Before I begin my post, I want to start with a declaration on how I feel about cursing. To me cursing is like a fine wine. It is not for children, witchlings or novices, there is a time and place for a fine wine and its not every day and its not all the time. Too much wine, like too much cursing can be a really bad thing, and depending on what you are working you can get a magical… Read more

At the Nine Fold Festival last year, I had the pleasure of presenting my lecture “Cult of the Sacred Springs and Holy Wells”.  After the class I spoke with Gaia Woolf-Nightingall. She excitedly told me a story about how many years before she had found a well. I knew that this story was full of magic and synchronicity and when I decided to start interviewing other Well Maiden and Water Priestess’, I knew that I wanted to interview Gaia and… Read more

When it comes to Paganism and Witchcraft there seem to be many different view points on how to interact with Gods and Spirits. For many, they focus on forming relationships and pacts with spirits, others focus on worshiping with devotion at the feet of the Gods. Where do YOU fall? Do you worship or do you make pacts? Or do you worship AND make pacts? I personally fall into both categories and have different relationships with different spirits. I worship… Read more

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