My Fantasy Class

Black History through Film and Fiction

Yes! I will propose it. Add or critique. I’m open!

Film: Roots
Fiction: The Slave Dancer

Film: Amistad
Fiction: Something on Nat Turner

Film: Diary of Miss Jane Pittman
Fiction: Beloved

Film: Eyes on the Prize (one of the series)
Fiction: Souls of Black Folks

Film: Rosewood
Fiction: Shurtleff’s _Dred Scott_

Film: To Kill a Mockingbird
Fiction: Their Eyes were Watching God

Film: Red Tails
Fiction: Triumph: Story of Jesse Owens

Film: 42
Fiction: About Joe Louis

Film: Rosa Parks
Fiction: The Watsons Go to Birmingham

Film: Malcolm X
Fiction: Black Like Me

Film: Dr. King
Fiction: Invisible Man

Film: Sounder
Fiction: Raisin in the Sun

Film: Remember the Titans
Fiction: Ruby Bridges

Film: Madea’s Family Reunion
Fiction: Maya Angelou’s Letter to My Daughter

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