Literature of the Latter-day Saints

For those who would like to join the Mormon Lit class (you will get spiritual but not academic credit), here are the texts:

Eliza Partridge’s journal:
Jane James’s life story (in supplement or at )
King Follett Discourse
Added Upon (Nephi Anderson)
Huebener- Rogers (in Mahonri Stewart’s Saints on Stage)
The Clinic- Thayer
One More River to Cross (Young and Gray)- Updated version, Zarahemla Books
Letters to a Young Mormon (Adam Miller)-to be published in March
Dispensation (Hallstrom)
Ender’s Game (Card)
The God who Weeps (Givens)
Common Ground, Different Opinions (Multiple authors)
Gadianton – Samuelsen (in Saints on Stage)

The class will study:
1) Pre-Earth: studies of pre-Mortal life, and Earth:studies of Earth life and environmentalism
2) Black and White
3) Male and Female
4) War and Peace

“Like” if you’re committed to this virtual class, which you will take for your own enrichment rather than for university credit.


About Margaret Blair Young

Margaret Blair Young teaches literature and creative writing at Brigham Young University. For the past fifteen years, she has specialized in the history of blacks in the west, particularly black Mormons. She has written six novels and two short story collections, but has lately become interested in filmmaking. Her current endeavor is a film to be shot in Zambia called Heart of Africa (