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Profiles & Conversations (selected):

Andrew Bacevich“U.S. Delusions,” The Christian Century

Anne Graham Lotz, “Angel in the Pulpit,” Christianity Today

Bill Bright, “Bill Bright’s Wonderful Plan for the World,” Christianity Today

Cynthia Gorney, “Abortion’s Untold Story,” Christianity Today

Charles Colson, “The Legacy of Prisoner 23226,” Christianity Today

Diane Glancy, “The Voice That Found Her,” Books & Culture

Eugene Rivers, “Separate and Equal,” Christianity Today

Fernando Ortega, “The Hard Songs of Fernando Ortega,” Christianity Today

Franklin Graham, “Not Your Father’s Evangelist,” Christianity Today

Fred “Mister” Rogers, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” Christianity Today

Frederick Buechner, “Flesh and Blood in the Magic Kingdom,” Christianity Today

James Dobson, “Daring to Discipline America,” Christianity Today

Jean Elshtain, “Civic Housekeeping,” The Christian Century

J.I. Packer, “Knowing Packer,” Christianity Today

Martin Marty, “A Sense of Place,” The Christian Century

Phyllis Tickle, “Literary Agent,” The Christian Century

Ruth Graham, “Billy’s Rib,” Christianity Today

William Langewiesche, “Disaster Man,” Books & Culture


Wendy’s Cover Stories & Award Winners (selected)

“Do You Believe in God?” (Columbine), Christianity Today

Islam, U.S.A.,” Christianity Today

The Class of  ’00,” Christianity Today

Maya Mysteries,” Books & Culture

Rediscovering the Holy Spirit” (Gordon Fee) Christianity Today

Good News for the Lost, Imprisoned, Abducted and Enslaved,” Christianity Today

Your Sins Shall Be White as Yucca,” Christianity Today

The Authority of the Song,” Books & Culture


Book Reviews Wendy Wrote (selected)

Bonhoeffer in Love”Love Letters from Cell 92, edited by Ruth-Alice von Bismarck and Ulrich Kabitz,  Christianity Today

“Missions Improbable,” The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver; and The Testament, by John Grisham, Books & Culture

“Sermons of Frederick Buechner,” Secrets in the Dark, by Frederick Buechner, Christianity Today

“I Lost It,”  Walking Away from the Faith: Unraveling the Mystery of Belief and Unbelief by Ruth Tucker, Christianity Today


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