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The truth about truth i

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal observes that it took the radio 38 years to reach 50 million people.  The television took 16 years; the internet took 4; and Facebook reached the same size audience in only 2 years.  Those numbers illustrate the speed with which networking and communication is changing; but it also says something about our notions of truth. For twenty-first century Americans, truth is data.  It can be assembled, elaborated, and disseminated.  Put it another way, we equ … [Read more...]

The truth about truth ii: Truth lives

Dead data. That is the dominant, contemporary, sterile notion of truth.  The notion that truth can be accumulated and stock-piled.  You don’t even need to decide which parts of it are important, never mind act on it.  Think Wikipedia. But in Scripture truth is actualized and lived.  And if it isn’t, then it isn’t truth yet —- not in a sense that matters. Deuteronomy, for example, urges the children of Israel, “Teach your children the Law and to do it.” The last phrase is added over and over … [Read more...]

The truth about truth iii: Truth loves

It is common to hear people play truth and love off against one another.  Some argue that truth is all that matters.  Others argue that love is the only thing that counts. In the early Christian tradition, however, truth and love are described as necessary and complementary.  The reason is clear: Truth without love can be cruel, overbearing, and judgmental.  Love in the absence of truth is flaccid and degenerates all to easily into condescension and pity.  Without truth, we run the risk of lovi … [Read more...]

The truth about truth iv: Truth frees

Truth also frees.  And here, as with love, there is a good deal of confusion.For many God’s truth is considered limiting.  Tell me the truth about God and God’s desire for my life and all that will happen is that God will take things away from me.We have an inner city ministry here in Dallas called Austin Street Shelter.  The leaders there have a reputation for insisting that their drug addicted and alcohol dependent clients face their demons.  But when you refer someone to them, you will oft … [Read more...]

The truth about truth v: Three prayers

So, what are my prayers for you?Three things.I pray that you don’t let the breadth of what you don’t know or what you don’t understand keep you from living out of what you know.I pray that you will find the balance in your life that comes from truth that loves and love that speaks the truth.And, I pray that you won’t let a misplaced fear of the truth keep you from drawing close to God… who loves you better than you love yourself. … [Read more...]


I don’t pay much attention to most of my dreams. For one thing, I very rarely remember much about them.  For another, the vast majority of my dreams are like a combination of a train wreck and an attic and when they do make sense they probably have a lot to do with first-child syndrome: that burdened business not of feeling like God, but of having been deputized. But tonight I awoke from a dream that left an impression. I was sitting with my younger brother in a hospital waiting room.  To und … [Read more...]

Obstacles and Problems

Ken Hakuta is an inventor and the host of “The Dr. Fad Show,” a children’s show devoted to conversations about inventions.  That’s the extent of what I know about Mr. Hakuta, but he makes an important observation: “Lack of money is no obstacle.  Lack of an idea is an obstacle.” Depending on your life’s circumstances, Mr. Hakuta’s observation could be heard in more than one way: You might hear him telling you: “You talk a lot about money being an obstacle.  That’s not an obstacle.  The real obstac … [Read more...]

The significance of planting trees

According to Nelson Henderson, “The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”  He is remembered only because his son Wes wrote a fairly simple and poorly edited work chronicling his family’s life in the Swan River Valley of Canada.  Henderson moved from Ireland to settle in Ontario, moved further west to settle in Manitoba.  He fought in the trenches during World War I and returned to marry, farm, and raise three children. Perhaps the most enduring lesson … [Read more...]