The truth about truth iv: Truth frees

Truth also frees.  And here, as with love, there is a good deal of confusion.

For many God’s truth is considered limiting.  Tell me the truth about God and God’s desire for my life and all that will happen is that God will take things away from me.

We have an inner city ministry here in Dallas called Austin Street Shelter.  The leaders there have a reputation for insisting that their drug addicted and alcohol dependent clients face their demons.  But when you refer someone to them, you will often get this answer: “Oh, no sir, I’m not going there.  They make you get off the stuff.”    The truth feels limiting to some and to all of us at some point.  But, of course, the reality is that if we embraced the truth, we would be free for the first time.

God’s truth never robs you of anything important and it never takes legitimate loves away from you.  It does order our loves and it does see through the falsehoods that enslave us.

Truth frees.

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