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Losing ourselves

Losing ourselves can be a good thing or a bad thing spiritually.Losing ourselves…In the expectations of others in order to find love In the supposed glamour of the lives that others live In a desire for the things that other people own In a self-medicated flight from reality In the past In the futureThese are typically bad for us spiritually.Losing ourselves…In the moment In the needs of others In the presence of God In the pursuit of what Jesus described as the pearl of gre … [Read more...]

Grieving with hope

The deeper healing of our grief is in God’s hands.All cures are temporary.Healing is eternal in character.Cure is particular, focused on a specific issue.Healing is comprehensive.That is why therapeutic approaches to any of our struggles --- grief included --- lack the power to address some of our needs at the deepest level.  Therapy can teach us to “cope” with our losses or “manage” them (and that’s a good thing), but the losses remain --- and they await a resolution that lies entirely … [Read more...]

Getting a grip on grief

Generationally, we went from stuffing, denying, medicating, and surrendering to our grief to analyzing it.That wasn’t a bad thing.  It was progress.  And, famously, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross declared grief a process.  That was a helpful, groundbreaking move, even though, as it turns out, she was wrong.The denial, depression, anger, dialogue, acceptance, and return to meaningful life that she described are undoubtedly elements of what we experience.  But we don’t experience them in any predict … [Read more...]