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Would you be Forever Fertile?

(I do almost all of my reading on the Kindle app for iPhone -- I love it!  I can carry a novel, a spiritual classic, my new testament, and whatever hefty nonfiction my husband has recommended all in my purse wherever I go.)I just finished reading State of Wonder by Ann Patchett.  I picked up the book for a book club with Amy Julia Becker, and I hope that she will weigh in as well, but I can’t wait to talk about it.  As you may know from the reviews, the book revolves around the work of phar … [Read more...]

Thursday’s Book Giveaway

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name, by Sally Lloyd-JonesThis Bible is unique in that, as the subtitle suggests, it shows Jesus throughout each page and story, even when he is not explicitly mentioned.  It seems, too often, children’s bibles turn the story of redemption into a series of moral stories. If you are tired of that story and want more for your children (and yourself for that matter) – this is your bible. If you or your little ones have already delighted in this … [Read more...]

Wednesday’s Book Giveaway

Caleb’s Lamb, by Helen SantosNot only does this book give the reader vivid insight into living as a shepherd during the time of the Exodus, it simultaneously functions as an analogy of the Christian belief in the substitutionary atonement for sin.And guess what? We’re giving away one book every day this week. So leave a comment for a chance to win today’s book.  Come back tomorrow for a different book which talks about the richness of the season for another chance to win!Tomorrow at n … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Book Giveaway

Herein is Love, Commentaries for Children, by Nancy GanzA homeschooling mom wrote these commentaries out of a desire for her own children to understand rich things about God. So far, she has covered the first four books of the Old Testament. Each section has a daily reading, prayer, and craft, as well as suggestions for visual aids, all to reinforce the lesson. This author has a tremendous grasp on the Bible as a whole, managing to intelligently show the reader how the Old Testament stories … [Read more...]

Easter Book Giveaways

Daughter’s new dress, check. Picture with the bunny, check.Still needing a few things for the basket, so I drop into the local bookstore and browse through the cute rabbit displays, making my way to the section containing the “true meaning of Easter” selection. Wait. These books seem vaguely familiar to the clever bunny tales I was just reading in the secular section. Oh I see now, the big fluffy rabbit has been replaced by Jesus, hence the “religious” title.It seems few children’s books … [Read more...]