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Rick Riordan I Love You

Rick Riordan is the author of several YA series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians (beginning with The Lightning Thief), The Kane Chronicles (beginning with The Red Pyramid), and the Heroes of Olympus (beginning with The Lost Hero).Dear Rick,Let me tell you why I’m professing love for a man not my husband in a public post.4 years ago, a week into summer vacation, my daughter trounced into the house with the CDs for your YA novel, The Lightning Thief, which had been assigned as summer r … [Read more...]

Book Review: A Good and Perfect Gift

Early in her first pregnancy, Amy Julia Becker found herself chafing at its timing.  Having a baby a semester before she finished seminary was not a great plan.If only we had waited, she thought. And then it hit her, Then you wouldn’t have had this child.When her daughter, Penny, is born with Down syndrome, Amy Julia is shocked and terrified, but remembers that she was to have this child.A Good and Perfect Gift details Amy Julia and Peter Becker’s first few years with their daughter. I … [Read more...]

Someday, a Book Review

Need a book for a mom of any age? How about the New York Times bestseller, Someday?Alison Mcghee joins forces with illustrator, Peter Reynolds to create a mother/ child journey similar to Robert Munsch’s, Love You Forever. This book presents an insightful, gestalt view of parenting – reminding the reader that Some Day they will be looking at their children from a different vantage point.Told from a mother’s perspective, a woman moves from holding her newborn baby to watching that baby gro … [Read more...]

Where the Wild Things Are: Longing for More

Today, the world lost a prolific children’s writer, Maurice Sendak, author of Where the Wild Things Are. For many, the sight of this book and it's iconic images, first published in 1963, conjures up childhood memories. You may remember the lap, or lack thereof, that you were sitting on when you first experienced Mischievous Max run his mouth to his mom (who calls him “WILD THING!”) by yelling, “I’LL EAT YOU UP!” and is promptly sent to bed without dinner. In his room, still dressed in his wolf co … [Read more...]