Why Do We Steer Clear of Church Members With Mental Illness?

 It's easy to say, "I just don't connect with her."  Maybe it's time to retire that excuse. … [Read more...]

Book Review: A Good and Perfect Gift

Early in her first pregnancy, Amy Julia Becker found herself chafing at its timing.  Having a baby a semester before she finished seminary was not a great plan.If only we had waited, she thought. And then it hit her, Then you wouldn’t have had this child.When her daughter, Penny, is born with Down syndrome, Amy Julia is shocked and terrified, but remembers that she was to have this child.A Good and Perfect Gift details Amy Julia and Peter Becker’s first few years with their daughter. I … [Read more...]

Technology, Our Blessing/Our Curse: a Reflection on “Living into Focus” by Arthur Boers

                Arthur Boers writes compelling about living more purposefully in “Living into Focus: Choosing What Matters in an Age of Distractions.” In this new book, he encourages us to find those activities that “center us” and pursue them. ,The media bombards us every second of the day in this modern world, he explains.  But he encourages us to slow … [Read more...]