Sleeping My Way To the Top

Yesterday, a friend posted a video of a TED talk where Arianna Huffington argues that her new secret to success is...getting more sleep.I think she's onto something.Her words reminded me of a conversation with a colleague I used to work with.  For years, I'd been awed by this woman's ability to juggle: husband, kids, work, ministry, travel, friends, beautiful home, entertaining...she did it all. Her schedule made me feel like I must be lacking some sort of accomplishment gene, because I … [Read more...]

Pride goeth before a happy dance

I am ridiculously proud of myself for finishing The Art of Fielding.  It's an enormous novel, and not in a metaphysical/philosophical sort of way.  It's a big, heavy (500+ pages) book about baseball. I was not in an enormous novel/significant investment/let's talk sports kind of reading place when an author friend suggested I pick it up.  "Everyone on Twitter is reading it this week," she said.  Strangely, that motivated me.  I didn't even know who "everyone" was, but I'm a team player at heart, … [Read more...]

What I’m leaving behind

A friend of mine just posted this quote from on Twitter:"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."This is what I most want to remember in the coming year: My job is to please God.  And when I get out of the way and just follow His suggestions, it's not nearly as difficult as one would expect.  The doing part is (relatively)'s the angsting about what to do (should I/shouldn't I, will they/won't they, what if...?) that's tough.  And G … [Read more...]

In Defense of a Santa-y Christmas

There’s been a lot of talk about Santa and Christmas here at What She Said, and I want to chime in with a semi-outsider’s point of view.  Confession: when I see Christians discussing how to interact with culture and raise children in the midst of it, I often find myself saying, “Thank You God for not making me a Christian until I grew up!” Because even now, as a believer, it seems to me that Christian Culture takes strange stands against things God just might be using, robbing life of joy and mak … [Read more...]

Making a (different) list…

I'm in a season of re-reading books that have inspired me.  I blogged about Po Bronson's book over at What She Read.  I'm halfway through this book about Zappos.  And next in line is Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project.One new take-home for me from the Zappos book is a way to discern what I value.  The author,Tony Hsieh, suggests an exercise:Think about the people you admire...and the people you don't. Write down the qualities that stand out in both categories, he says, and this wi … [Read more...]

Enough about “balance”

I was at a conference yesterday for women who are small business owners.  It was called Spark & Hustle, and it was fantastic.  One of my favorite things was that not a single moment was wasted having that annoying conversation about "work/life balance." It was if each speaker & attendee made a silent agreement, acknowledging, "There is no such let's not talk about it."I've been to DOZENS of professional conferences.  In different career roles, I've attended gatherings for a … [Read more...]


One of the BEST parts of my work is that I get to travel, meet new people, and encourage them.  Today I'm going south to help a group of women get up & running on their writing projects.  It's a jazz hands/I love my life kind of day...Except that...I am a CHRONIC overpacker.  It's serious.  I'm not one of those people who is super-decisive about clothes, and most of my trips include tons of unpredictables: weather, culture (things are really casual here in Cambridge), whether or not w … [Read more...]

Friends & reminders

We spent the weekend with friends of ours who live in Northern VA.  It was glorious.  Their lives are really different from ours--they're from the South, have 4 small children who say "sir" and "ma'am," and they live in community with a number of other grown ups who help make their house a home.   It was like a visit to a foreign land, and was more restorative to my soul than I can even describe.I read a great quote a few weeks back:  "Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future." It  … [Read more...]