Dialogue On Homosexuality Part 3

I have been asked by several to re-post my conversations that I had with my friend almost a year ago on philshepherd.com which now is my professional site with my resume and speaking examples hangout. So, as requested I am re-posting my dialogues on homosexuality that I had with my good friend Dave who I grew up with in Alaska. I would like to remind everyone that I love Dave, but we have agreed to disagree on this topic and have gone on with our lives. So, without further a do he is the third part of my dialogue with Dave.


I appreciate the overall tone of the postings on the site as I think people were more articulate and “civil” than they are on many news sites. (I guess that said, sometimes there are times to just be blunt – but anyway)

Here again is the thing for me. I have to believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired word of God (as Paul charged to Timothy) which is “useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” 2 Tim 3:16 If I waiver from that with my biblical whiteout or as a former president said in the king of all semantical statements – depending on what the meaning of “is,is” I believe my faith is as worthless as a nice superstition in the toothfairy.

Jesus was a friend to sinners, but he also gave firm, (not gray) instructions to “go and sin no more.” I cannot (for me) sit down, go over the bible and think “I don’t like that verse for where I am at today.”

I don’t think I am superior to any gay person as I am a murderous alduterer according to scripture so if someone else is gay that is hardly anything worse than I am.

Love is, of course, first and foremost. But if I don’t love someone enough to call out when I see them “wander off the path” (as I see it) then what love do I have? 2 Tim 3:16 (correcting) I can give you my thoughts, you can take them or leave them, but at this point, I still have to have scripture to back up my foundations. That’s the old police officer in me. There are lots of times it would feel right and just to do certain things, but if it were outside the scope of the law, I could get in trouble even if it meant a good result came of it.

I think the same could be said here in regards to scripture. I think if a walk of interpretation is taken so far that it appears to contradict some verses in the old AND new testament that were not subtle, vague or aloof (like christian rock in the early 90’s) 😉 then there is a danger that someday an account would have to be given to God to explain why portions of His word were heeded and other things were taught to the contrary.

According to the word, if my brother ‘struggles’ with adultery I love him and help him, but I don’t condone him. (I know that word sruggle is such a legalistic word, but it’s what came to mind). If my brother struggles with anger, I do him no favors by nuturing his anger, because scripture says if we have anger toward anyone we are a murderer. (do you KNOW how many drivers I have killed?)

So if my brother is “struggling” with homosexuality, I love him first, but I don’t (for me) say I love your way – this is tough – not because “I CARE”, but because God apparently does and He said so. Take it up with Him, I am not going to answer for Him. He made it, He said it, that’s more than enough.

I already put the scriptures in the first post that I feel lay the pretty clear and unmistakeable groundwork for God’s feelings on homosexuality. I could also be wrong, but I feel that if I am, then I am wrong with the whole book and that is a ship that I will go down with. To use that analogy, if the word of God is a boat, I cannot pull two planks from somewhere in the middle and expect it to stay afloat, it won’t. I am going with the whole book.

I read one of the posters who said that there is such a thing as a relationship with Jesus and we don’t just need the word. I think we would agree that if your “relationship” with Jesus flies in the face of his word then in my opinion it may not be a relationship with Christ – but Christ shoved into a nice box that we put Him in, like a lucky charm or rabbits foot.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood. Satan and all of his cohorts try desperately to get us to walk against scripture daily. I am not asking you to repent, your stand is between you and God alone, just be able to make your case on more than the emotion of love, because I promise you Jesus loves them way more that you and I do (the same way He loves this wretch) and that alone may not be enough.

I (for me) do not want to get to heaven and tell Christ thanks for the clear instructions, but it didn’t feel nice so I took some creative license on your word. Hope that was ok.

Phil – I love your heart and your search. I pray peace and wisdom and love for you! Please keep in touch!


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