Eucatastrophe’s 2010 Lenten Invocation

Leader: darkness is upon our eyes; tomorrow cannot be seen

All: give us hope for the morrow hours and sight for today

Leader: our joy has found the lips of death and we have tasted
betrayal of life

All: cleanse the bitter palate that has taken up residence on the tips
of our taste buds, water the seeds of perseverance within Your creation

Leader: pungent is the aroma of the decaying corpse that was formally
known as love

All: breathe into us new life that reeks instead of unconditional love,
that breeds a new creation within our everyday rhythms of life

Leader: create in us new miracles that have yet to be seen. resurrect

our lives out of the shit that has suffocated us to the point of
giving up. become our eucastrophe – for we need you now more than ever.


We pray this in the name of

The Creative Father

Soon To Be Resurrected Son

And Mothering Spirit


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