Eucatastrophe’s Easter Invocation

Leader: Entering as a King, new hopes given, a cleansed temple, the last meal, a servant’s touch by a master’s hand, confusion of many, betrayal by others, tried by some, denial of one, scourged for all, crucified for the creation to see.

All: Lord In Your Mercy

Leader: King of the Jews, a crown of thorns, shamed by a criminal’s execution, the revolution of love crushed by nail torn flesh, a pierced side, water & blood flowing, a borrowed tomb, the death of YHWH had come.

All: Lord In Your Mercy

Leader: Tear Stained Faces, forgotten hopes, puzzled glances, hearts racing, angelic beings, an empty tomb, a Resurrected Son, defiance over death, silenced words, a genesis of possibilities, a celebration of new day, You have forever changed us.

All: Lord In Your Mercy

We celebrate in the name of;

The Resurrected Son

Mothering Spirit

And Creating Father


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