Discovering The God Imagination With Jonathan Brink


I had the opportunity to interview Jonathan Brink about his new book Discovering The God Imagination. Sit back, hold on, and prepare to be challenged as you embark upon this podcast. If want to get a hold of Jonathan you can reach him by email at: jb_at_thriven_dot_org. Thanks for join and I hope you enjoy.


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  • Jeff Straka

    As I listened to the part about the snake in the garden, what struck me was that a snake has no arms or legs with which to physically HOLD or MANIPULATE someone for purposes of coercion – it has no means of physically altering reality. The only thing this kind of creature can influence, then, is NON reality – our dualistic-brain-influenced PERCEPTION of reality.

    What is making sense in Jonathan’s idea, is that it is perfectly inline with what the mystics (from all religions) have been saying all along: Reality is that we are all One with the Creator and Creation. Our physical nature demands that we have this second dual-mind “operating system” (black/white, left/right, in/out) or we could not survive (how could we possibly drive a car if we did not “divide the field” (as Richard Rohr says). But we must awaken to the True Reality, our non-dual operating system that sees the interconnection of all things. Quantum physics is now telling us this same thing, in much the same language of the mystics! Just KNOWING that we have a second True operating system “installed” (like having Linux and Microsoft on the same computer) makes all the difference!

    In addition to Richard Rohr, and his latest book “Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See”, Cynthia Bourgeault’s “The Wisdom Jesus: Transforming Heart and Mind: A New Perspective on Christ and His Message” suggests that Jesus was trying to wake US up to this non-dual Reality. Dots are connecting!!!

  • Jonathan Brink

    What’s interesting Jeff is that God begins with a single reality, but recognizes the potential for a second one. It can only exist when we agree it exists. Yet even when we agree that it does, it doesn’t change how God acts.

    And what makes it simple is that its a single question regarding the value of the individual.