Brite Divinity School Lecture Part 1

Brite Divinity School of TCU invited me to be a guest lecture in their evangelism class. This is part 1 of my lecture on the emergent church. Part 2 will posted at a later date and time. Please know that some of the questions where hard to hear, but as usual my answers are not! lol I hope you enjoy and have fun with it!

  • Ken Silva

    “@kensilva i owe u an apology…i forgot that it doesn’t take much effort, creativity, or time 2 cut & paste h8 rhetoric. #whiskeypreacher”

    O very nice; way to avoid the substance of what I said, and to prove me wrong.

    “@kensilva 1 more thing…when am i going 2 get my own category on your hate blog? just wondering. #whiskeypreacher”

    Not likely; you see, I reserve that for people who actually have a following worth noting.

    See you on the playing field of ideas, Phil.

  • Ken Silva

    “@kensilva I think it’s funny that u want 2 comment on everyone else’s websites but don’t let anyone comment on your hate blog.”

    Ah yes, that’s the reason you don’t deal with the substance of the article. The fact is Phil, that you can’t defend your poistion Biblically.

    By the way, have you commented on Brian McLaren’s hate Christianity blog; O that’s right, he doesn’t a comments section.

    Is ok Phil, I have these “awaiting moderation” comments via screen shot. :)

  • tragic_pizza

    Ken, shut. The hell. Up.