Sophia Series Session 10: Kimberly Knight

Sophia is the Greek word for wisdom and within the story of Christianity, different traditions – such as the Eastern Orthodox Church – have adopted the feminine imagery of Sophia as an icon of wisdom. I have chosen Sophia as the name of this podcast series because of the people I’ve chosen to interview; I believe, as they share glimpses of their journeys with our Triune Creator, they are voices of wisdom that we all can learn from in this podcast series – as each of them have profoundly spoken into my life; I encourage you have a listen and let their wisdom seep into your pores.

Kimberly is the founder and pastor of Koinonia Church
in Second Life. She is the online organizer for the progressive Christian organization The Beatitudes Society where she maintains online community, teach social media for preachers workshops and edit the Weekly Circuit Reader, a collection of progressive Christian resources for busy clergy. She received her Master of Divinity from Candler School of Theology at Emory University. She has a B.A. in religious studies from Georgia State University. Before entering seminary she worked nearly fifteen years a variety of technology related fields. Kimberly, her partner and their two children are active members of Kirkwood United Church of Christ in Atlanta, GA.

You may find more information on Kimberly by visiting her on her Facebook profile here: here, find her in Second life where she goes by Sophianne Rhode, or follower her on twitter here: @KmbrlyKnght. Thanks for popping by. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the podcast.

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