The 21 LGBTQ Challenge Podcast

Julie Kennedy, to friends and most of web Jules, is a recent graduate of Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelor’s in General Studies, but will soon be pursuing a Master’s in Social Work. She currently works in Special Education. She is a spiritual wonderer and has been a part of the “emergent” conversation for almost 12 years. She is queer, a dancer with Abba, a questioner of all things that matter and some things that don’t.

Stephanie I met Jules in the fall of 2009 at an event that I often call my own personal “Postmodern Pentecost” also known as Christianity 21 masterminded by JOPA Productions founded by Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt. C21 (it was called for short) was an life altering experience for not only Stephanie, Jules, and I but for the many who attended.

Shortly after C 21 Jules started joining The Eucatastrophe (the church Stephanie and I co-founded in the fall of 2007) via EucTV which is our interactive live stream we broadcast just about every Sunday during our worship gatherings. It will be two years in November that Jules became apart of the Euc community and are lives have been better for it ever since.

Jules’ blog name is called The Wonderer and yesterday she wrote a post entitled A challenge to Emergent leaders who are allies to LGBTQ challenging emergent leaders to create an event in the same vain as C 21 that high lights the LGBTQ community. When I read Jules’ post I immediately texted her and told her I was proud of her and wanted to know if she would record a podcast with me talking about the challenge she had issued. You can email Julies with your questions by cliking here and you can find Jules on Twitter here: @mojojules. So, without further-a-do here is the podcast on the The 21 LGBTQ Challenge. The Twitter hash tag is #21LGBTQchallenge so can continue to follow the conversation!

  • Debye Swilley

    Excellent interview!…love you Phil and am thankful YOU are YOU!…thank you for caring and loving!…Jules Rocks!

  • Jeff Straka

    I am feeling the shift and the flattening of power already. Thanks for “raising the ruckus”, Jules, And thanks, Phil, for amplifying Jules, essential call on your podcast. I’ve read the book Jules mentioned – The End of Sexual Identity: Why Sex Is Too Important to Define Who We Are – and it is totally eye opening! It’s on Kindle, so there is absolutely NO excuse not to get it NOW and eat this book!

    I also highly recommend connecting with and buying their amazing documentary. We had them speak to our ATL cohort earlier this year – and it totally rebooted our understanding of gender. They are doing incredible work from a “secular” context, but they have talked before a lot of church gatherings. They are just now planning their 2012 tour and it would be so awesome to have them be “on the stage” as well.

    Thanks again, Jules, for speaking your heart!