Gay Conversations With God Interview


James Alexander Langteaux is a TV producer/host and author of the groundbreaking (and sometimes shocking) new book – Gay Conversations with God – straight talk on fanatics, fags and the God who loves us all. (Findhorn Press) His other titles include: – extreme intimacy with an interactive God and – the journey beyond belief. (Multnomah/Random House).

James has lived and traveled all over the world–from the sweeping lava flows of New Zealand to the slums of India–in search of people and their incredible stories. He is passionate about creating unique and innovative expressions of music, poetry, graphic novels, videos and television shows that have not only brought inspiration but have won awards internationally.

James has lived life on a dare to believe – that the God of the Universe does speak, if only we take the time to listen. He has risked everything to follow that voice – and at times he has risked everything to run from it. But the adventure has been in Technicolor to say the least. From living on the rooftop of an old Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery to running an underground speakeasy and music venue serving fresh music and free dinner to Los Angeles every week- there is definitely no time to watch TV, and very little time to sleep.

Recently James has opened PlanBreathe in Charlotte, NC – a unique healing oasis featuring the life changing modality of transformational breath work as well as yoga, massage and various healing workshops and events. But the road beckons and James has picked up a shiny little Airstream to tour the country with his 100 pound pit bull Diesel to spread more good news.

Of all the incredible twists and turns in his journey – James finds the most fulfillment in connecting with God’s beautiful kids all over the world to let them know in some form or fashion- with conviction, fire and passion – that they have a purpose and a destiny and they are exquisitely loved.

Pre-Order Gay Conversations with God!

You can pre-order your copy of Gay Conversations with God from Amazon by clicking here! James has also provided the uncut version of his promotional video for Gay Conversations with God which has never been seen by the public before!

The Foreskin from stu ehr on Vimeo.

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