Idol Change Vidcast

You can listen to the podcast featuring Steve Knight that I mention in this vidcast by clicking here.

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  • pamela chaddock

    Right on, Phil. Love that you’re asking and deliberating this.

    I feel that Emergence is ultimately being fueled by the spirit of God, eager to more fully reveal his love and character on our dysfunctional planet.

    You said it — co-creators… Emergents have ears to hear and are willing to co-create in the new ‘void’ of uncertainty. While still being true to the narrative, the story, without becoming trapped in limitations from the past.

    Change for change sake is not what this is about. That’s why I also appreciate the discussion around process thought, for it allows/encourages us to ‘evolve’ our thinking. You can bet that our Creator wants that for us – He wants us to more fully know him, and is doing whatever possible to push that agenda. To me, that’s the secret, the POWER, and the blessing of the emerging discussion.

    Thanks, good man.

  • JC

    Making sense.
    I feel it is how we look at change.
    If it is to fulfill the change of the Resurrection.

    Those that do want to put the resurrection in a box have the box (status quo) as an idol, and those that want change for changes sake, or that is just to be different, also idol.

    The change to fulfill the divine calling is needed change and sometimes there is status quo things that have been working and should continue. Or even old traditions that we make new again. etc.

    Working in a traditional church setting the fear of change keeps it from happening, as I reflected on recently on but when i was at a mergent church i found some did just want change without invoking the power of the divine.

    I believe it is a question if we ask, we will avoid the slippery slope of it being an idol. So keep a askin.