The Whiskey Challenge

  • Lance

    You were bottled and aged for years to fit specific needs and tastes. Some people just don’t like whiskey.

  • Laurie

    I can understand one’s need to be understood.

    (Personally I don’t waste my time ‘trying’ to be anything)

    I can also understand the frustration felt when one is not understood, or when others don’t like what they hear and ‘turn away.

    I always feel a little sad when I see demonstrations of that need manifest itself, for they invariably result in ways that are all about pursuit, asking, demanding or ‘challenging something of others.’

    We have no idea what goes on in anyone else’s head – Jeez, it’s tricky enough working out what’s going on in our own. So how can anyone expect to ‘make’ another person understand anything?


    Others can sometimes be gently inspired

    or encouraged

    then maybe

    they will ‘want’ to understand.

    Challenges are aggressive. How do people respond to aggression?

    At best they retreat. At worst, they retaliate.