Gina Parris Interview

I met Gina after I wrote my first Huffington Post article, God Hates Who?. Gina is a performance coach that works predominantly with collegiate and professional athletes who are experiencing performance issues within their specific sport. Gina is also the co-host of Sexy Marriage Radio and also works under the brand, Winning At Romance With Gina Parris. In this podcast interview we chat about everything from quantum physics to you guessed it, sex! Besides the links I’ve already have provided above for you, you may also find Gina on twitter here or your Facebook Winning At Romance page here.

  • Jeff Straka

    Good stuff! We’ve had this discussion in our cohort, especially sexuality and the single. The church (not just the evangelical but the mainline) has really distorted and perverted the beauty and sacredness of sex. A great book on this, which we referred to in our conversation, is “Sexuality and the Sacred: Sources for Theological Reflection”.