In The Name Of God

Rich McCullen, who is the senior minister at MissionGathering which is located in San Diego, California. MissionGathering, San Diego’s neighborhood church as it’s referred to is also known for it’s vocal outcry against Prop 8 when it hit the ballots in California. Creating Our Hearts Are With You, a Facebook group, Mission Gathering was inspired to buy billboards in San Diego to let folks in the lgbtq community that they were not alone and that God loves them.
With Amendment 1 passing in North Carolina, MissionGathering decided to buy another billboard on Billy Gram Ave to once again communicate to the lgbtq community that they were not alone and that God love them. In this podcast interview, Rich talks about why Mission Gathering decided to buy a billboard in state that is on the opposite side of the country. Please feel free to join the conversation in the comments section below and please help join the fight again inequality!

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